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How to Maximize Vape Battery Life?

How to Maximize Vape Battery Life?

You may have learned that e-cigarettes, also known as "Vapes," have the potential to combust and cause serious injury. These explosions are deadly, despite their rarity. While the exact causes of such accidents are unknown, some evidence indicates that vape explosions could be caused by battery-related issues.

To make your vape battery secured follow these simple steps to maximize the life of your vapes battery.

Use the right batteries

Some batteries are better for low-wattage vaping, while others are better for sub-ohm vaping, and still others are not meant for vaping at all. When choosing batteries for your mod, make sure they meet the required specifications. Do not depend solely on the ratings on the wraps, as they can be deceiving.

Look for independent battery reviews and try to remain below the CDR (continuous discharge rate) of your battery.

Make use of a separate battery charger

Most devices nowadays allow you to charge your batteries directly in your mod, but it's still better to use a dedicated battery charger. A quick charger can be purchased for less than the price of a 60 mL bottle of e-juice! Increasing the price would unlock features like battery data and health tracking.

When it's finished charging, unplug it

Charging your batteries to 100 percent and then leaving them to charge for longer – particularly if you do this often – is hard on your battery and can shorten its lifetime or even cause it to lose its ability to hold a charge.

For best performance, detach your batteries when they are fully charged.

Don’t allow your batteries to die completely

Just like you should not overcharge your batteries, you shouldn't let them run down to 0%. That's because it takes a lot more energy to recharge a completely dead battery than it does to recharge one that still has some life in it. If you let your batteries die too much, you will find a substantial reduction in their lifetime.

Invest in married batteries

If you're using a mod that needs more than one battery, always use the same batteries (for example, a pair of Sony VTC5s) and keep them married, that is, use them in pairs and always together.

This would ensure that the cells receive the same number of charges and discharges, preventing energy and performance imbalances. Replace any worn-out batteries.

Extreme temperatures should be avoided

Vape batteries can withstand both low and high temperatures, but you should not push them. Higher temperatures put a strain on your batteries, causing them to age more quickly (or even vent), while lower temperatures reduce battery power. Always keep them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, and never leave them in places like the glove compartment.

If you live in an area where the weather is often harsh, consider transporting your vape kit and batteries in a small, insulated lunch cooler—but remember to keep your batteries in their own battery case.

Make use of battery cases

When not in use, never put batteries in pockets or bags. Instead, get some inexpensive plastic battery cases, as unprotected batteries can short circuit if they come into contact with metal objects. Your battery can vent and possibly explode as a result of this.

Battery cases are an excellent way to transport your battery cells and are available in a range of materials and designs.

Old batteries can be recycled

Recycle old batteries instead of throwing them away when upgrading them. In the trash will, a lithium-ion cell can quickly short circuit, posing a serious danger. Furthermore, recycling batteries is beneficial to the community. When recycling old batteries, keep an eye out for battery disposal boxes and follow the safety instructions.

Use the correct charging cable

Using a cable other than the one that came with your device can trigger issues because the charger you're using might have a higher voltage than your battery, causing your device to overheat. Try to use the same cable that comes with your charger.

Disconnect the tank during storage

Charging the battery before storing your computer for an extended time is just one of the precautions you can take. Make sure the tank is disconnected from the battery as well. If you leave them attached, your device will have to function harder when in storage, reducing its lifespan.

Vape on a regular basis

The more powerful your vape battery is, the stronger is your vape experience, much like your car battery. For best performance, try to use it every day. If you are going to leave it for a while, maybe to try out a new gadget or go somewhere where you won't be able to use your vape, make sure to follow the steps above, including completely charging the battery and disconnecting it from the tank.

Buy a quality vape kit

High Quality Vape kit is an excellent investment because it significantly reduces the possibility of fires, which are common in low-quality goods.

Keep wraps intact

Make sure your battery wraps are in good shape at all times. When you find a nick on the battery wrap, the best thing to do is to re-wrap it. Battery wraps are inexpensive and simple to apply. Visit your nearest vape shop if you don't have wraps. Most stores will wrap your batteries for free, and it will only take a few minutes.

Buy from a reputable supplier

Dodgy e-cigarette batteries are brought into the country and sold on markets and by individual sellers.

However, you should not try to save money on batteries and chargers. Overcharge and over discharge safety, ROHS certification, and external battery testing are all costly, so cheap batteries and chargers should be avoided.

In a nutshell, purchase well-known products from trusted sellers.


Vape batteries aren't the same as the AA batteries used in remote controls. They are much more strong cells that must be handled with caution. Batteries must be protected in the ways that have been mentioned. Visit our store if you have any further questions about how to maximize the life of your vapes battery, our experts will guide you through the entire process.

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