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Elf Bar Advent Calendar - Buy 5 For £18 or 10 For £35

Save money with our festive Elf Bar Advent Calendar! Each day, unlock a new window to discover exclusive discount codes for your favourite Elf Bar products. It's our way of spreading cheer and saying thank you for being with us. Make sure to visit daily and reveal your special holiday savings — our little gift to you this merry season. Happy holidays and happy vaping!

Get Cheap Elf Bars

The Elf Bar Advent Calendar is an exciting and engaging way for vape enthusiasts to count down the days of December while enjoying exclusive savings on Elf Bar disposable vapes. Structured like a traditional advent calendar, this unique promotion offers a delightful digital twist tailored for adult smokers and vapers.


24 Daily Deals

Click on today's window in the calendar to unveil a unique promotional code.


Easy Code Copy

Simply click on the revealed promo code. It will be copied to your clipboard and you'll be redirected to the product page.


Secure Your Discount

Select 'Buy Now' on your chosen product and paste the discount code at checkout.


Enjoy the Savings

Complete your purchase to enjoy significant savings on your favorite Elf Bar products.

The Elf Bar Advent Calendar is a fun way to count down to Christmas. Each day in December, there's a new offer, and these offers get better as Christmas gets closer. This means you can save money during the Christmas season. It's like opening a little present every day, but instead of chocolates, you get different vape deals. This is great for trying new things without spending too much. It's a nice way to enjoy the holiday season and save some cash at the same time.


The Elf Bar advent calendar is available at various vape stores and online retailers. Check local vape shops or online vape superstores for availability.
The Elf Bar advent calendar typically includes a range of popular vape flavours. The specific flavours vary annually and can be found on the product description.
The Elf Bar advent calendar stands out for its unique selection of flavours and limited-edition products, offering a diverse vaping experience compared to other vape calendars.
Yes, the Elf Bar advent calendar often includes limited edition Elf Bars, providing exclusive flavours or products not available elsewhere.
The Elf Bar advent calendar differs from the Crystal Bar vape advent calendar in terms of flavour selection, packaging, and possibly the inclusion of exclusive or limited-edition items.