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Difference between Atomizer Cartomizer and Clearomizer

Difference between Atomizer Cartomizer and Clearomizer

The wild world of vaping is often a touch overwhelming to the uninitiated. With all kinds of different hardware, blend options, and jargon, it’s easy to urge lost. Today, we are getting to tackle one among the foremost confusing areas of vaping. You know what's the difference between an Atomizer, Cartomizer and clearomizer.

Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers are devices that attach to a battery or power supply and deliver e-juice (e-liquid) in the form of vapour. These are the three main types of devices available today. All three devices operate on the same concept of heating e-juice to vaporisation temperature. Some people choose one over the other, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will go over in significant detail below.

What is Atomizer?

An atomizer is a system that produces a fine spray of water, perfume, or other liquids. This is the unit that converts the e-liquid into vapour or clouds for inhalation while vaping.

An atomizer is made up of a small heating element (such as a coil) and a wick made of a material. The e-liquid is converted to vapour by heating the part and then the wick.
The resistance of the atomizer element is used to determine its power (ohms are a measurement of resistance). In general, the lower the ohm, the more energy the element will need to heat up.

Advantages of Atomizer

  • Perfect for dripping, which suggests that you simply can switch between different flavors of juices pretty fast
  • High level of customization
  • Simple design
  • Less e-juice consumed
  • Low cost
  • Extremely safe
  • Easy to refill

Disadvantages of Atomizer

  • Some models of atomizers are considered to rebuildable, but it requires considerable skill
  • Hard to trace amount of e-juice left inside
  • Frequent refilling

What is Cartomizer?

A cartomizer may be a basic sort of atomizer that always comes during a longer case. they are described as “extended atomizers.”

There most design consist of one metal wire inside a metal tube that's surrounded by a man-made filler known as polyfill. This polyfill ensures that the coil is usually surrounded by e-liquid.

Sometimes cartomizers are found in one-and-done style e-cigs. Think about cheesy imitation cigarettes, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Cartomizers are refillable. However, the trouble involved in refilling and lingering flavor issues have made cartomizers obsolete in today’s vaping industry.

Advantages of Cartomizer

  • Large juice capacity then atomizers
  • Fewer refills
  • Low cost
  • Easy to refill
  • Similar feel to cigarettes
  • Can use disposable or rebuildable coils

Disadvantages of Cartomizer

  • Not suitable for heavy vaping
  • Coil choices can be confusing to beginners
  • Limited flavor range
  • Some people claim that polyfill material can dulls the e-juice flavor

What is Clearomizer?

Clearomizer are one among the most recent and hottest devices in the market.

These sorts of devices are usually cylindrical and have a transparent polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass tank. A transparent tank allows you to ascertain the extent of e-juice inside a clearomizer. E-juice can be delivered to the heating coil by a silica wick.

Some designs have a top heating coil with longer wicks, while others have a bottom heating coil with short wicks, making wick saturation easier.

Tanks strike a strong balance between ease of use and a satisfying vaping experience, and they can be personalized as you gain experience with coil building and your own personal preferences.

 Advantages of Clearomizer

  • Have large capacity for e-liquid, typically around 1.6 - 3ml
  • Clear tank may allow you to ascertain exact amount of e-juice left inside the clearomizer
  • Some models are rebuildable, and are available with replaceable coil
  • Longer life cycle
  • Some people claim that clearomizers with wick system gives a superior flavor

Disadvantages of Clearomizer

  • Usually costlier than atomizers or cartomizers
  • May retain flavor from previous e-juice
  • May leak counting on manufacturer and model
  • Top coil design may require you to tip clearomizer to soak up left over e-juice

What should you choose?

If you would like something easy to use which doesn’t require an excessive amount of fiddling about then pick a clearomizer. A clearomizer with a sub-ohm feature will yield an excellent tasting vape. The coils of the clearomizers cost money but aren't vastly expensive.

Most experienced vapers will accept that the clearomizer is superior to the cartomizer in terms of flavor and refillability. There will be improved flavor production, and the intensity of the e-liquid you use can be changed indefinitely to meet demand.

Some may argue that to refill a tank may be a messy business though. Cartomizers win on now (they also are easier to handle than most clearomizers, consistent with users).

It might be difficult to choose one vape system over another but it’s not impossible.

You may be tempted by the design of a vape instead of its features in any case. If you're ready to, why not try an e-cigarette before you are trying anything. A cartomizer could fit your needs better than most.


I hope you now have a better understanding of difference between an atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer. Every vaper wants to possess an excellent vaporizer. While atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers are a number of the simplest products on the market, each has its advantages and drawbacks. Choosing one is about sacrificing one for an additional. Remember, the aim is to urge a vaping device that matches your budget and has the features you would like. If you have any further query you can visit our store where our expert will guide you and give you the best device according to your need and budget.

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