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How to Choose Right Nicotine Strength

How to Choose Right Nicotine Strength?

Nicotine is an alkaloid present in the nightshade family of plants, which includes peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.

However, it is only plentiful enough to harvest and refine in the tobacco plant. Nicotine can also be synthesised in a lab, but it is a very costly process.

Nicotine acts as a stimulant and a relaxant at the same time, with users showing mood elevation, alertness, and calmness as side effects. It is generally recognized as physically and mentally addictive, which is why most first-time vapers use e-juice containing nicotine.

Commercial e-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine concentrations, including no nicotine, but most vapers purchase it with nicotine.

Vape juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and choosing the right nicotine strength for a new vaper is crucial. You might cough if you use too much, and if you use too little, you might wonder if vaping is really for you.

Alternatively, you could spend a lot of money on a big bottle of premium juice only to discover that the nicotine content is insufficient to fulfil your cravings.

E-liquids are available in nicotine concentrations ranging from zero to more than 50 mg/mL. Nicotine strengths can also be expressed as percentages rather than concentrations.

It's possible to become puzzled by all of this, but it doesn't have to be! This guide will show you how to choose right nicotine strength.

Regular Nicotine and Nic salts

The JUUL is not only one of the most famous, but also one of the most influential vapes on the market. JUUL revolutionised the vaping industry by introducing nicotine salt e-liquid, which has changed the way many people stopped smoking and started vaping.

Nicotine strengths are jumping from 3 mg or 6 mg to 25 mg or even 60 mg in online shops these days, thanks to the popularity of nic salts e-liquid. Nic salts, or protonated nicotine, uses an acid (usually benzoic acid) to smooth out the throat sensation, allowing the vaper to tolerate higher nicotine concentrations.

Standard nicotine (also known as freebase nicotine) is harsh at high doses, unlike nic salts. There are some variations, but most e-liquid with a nicotine content of 18 mg/mL or less uses normal nicotine, whereas juice with a higher nicotine content uses nic salts. The throat hit of 6 mg daily nic is said to be equivalent to 20-25 mg nic salts by most people.

Salt nicotine has become synonymous with pod systems and other low-power, moderate devices due to its high concentrations. To provide a satisfactory experience for the consumer, the tiny atomizers on pod vapes like the JUUL require higher nicotine levels.

What’s the best nicotine strength for you?

If you're a new vaper, you should think about two things when selecting a nicotine strength.

  • Your smoking habits
  • The type of system you'll be using.

We've organized our recommendations by vapor production to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, since this is the element that essentially determines the amount of nicotine absorbed per puff.

  • If you smoke socially or just a few cigarettes per day, you'll most likely fall into the lower range of each suggestion.
  • You'll fall somewhere in the middle if you smoke 10-20 cigarettes per day.
  • If you smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day, you're probably in the higher category.

Note that the strengths mentioned in this section are just that: suggestions. Use them as a starting point, but don't be afraid to play with different nicotine strengths if you notice that you want your vape to be stronger or weaker. Remember that nicotine does not pose a health risk to the majority of people. The nicotine power that keeps you away from combustible cigarettes is the strongest.

Low vapor production

Clouds that mimic the smoke created by a cigarette. Most pod systems on the market, as well as mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks with a very strong airflow, fall into this category. The most common alternative in this category is high strength nic salts. (Many e-liquid companies no longer produce flavors with daily nicotine concentrations greater than 6 mg/mL.)

  • Regular nicotine: 12-24 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg/mL

Medium vapor production

Clouds, but not the colossal kind. This category includes devices from almost every manufacturer's product line. This includes pod systems that use sub ohm coils, MTL tanks with more airflow, and even sub ohm tanks with a very small draw.

  • Regular nicotine: 6-12 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: 20-30 mg/mL

High vapor production

There are a lot of clouds. This includes sub ohm tanks with large airflow channels and rebuildable atomizers. Since these devices emit so much vapor, it's easy to get too much nic too quickly, finding nic salts for this group can be difficult. Most sub ohm vapers opt for daily nicotine juices in very low concentrations.

  • Regular nicotine: 5-6 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: 5-6 mg/mL

How much nicotine strength is too much?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50 to 60 milligrams (mg) of nicotine is a lethal dose for an adult weighing 150 pounds. However, most current research indicates that a lethal dose is possibly much higher. The approximate lower limit of a lethal dose of nicotine has been revised to between 500 and 1000 mg, according to a generally accepted 2014 report by Bernd Mayer.

50mg, 4ml of 12mg nicotine strength e-liquid will be needed. However, since the body absorbs nicotine rapidly (your blood nicotine levels drop by about half after two hours), the entire 4ml will have to be consumed in one sitting, which would be a difficult task for even the most dedicated vaper.


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