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Common Mistakes for Beginner Vapers

Common Mistakes for Beginner Vapers

Top 10 Beginners’ Vape Mistakes

Vaping is widely consider the simplest way to quit smoking, but such a simple task is often tricky for beginners.

Starting your vaping journey isn't always easy. There are many vape mistakes you would possibly fall under if you're not well-advised.

The aim of this post is to list the foremost common mistakes for beginner vapers which will possibly cause you to fail. Switching from tobacco to vaping can improve your health, so making the transition from tobacco to vaping right is basically important if you would like to possess a good experience and switch to vaping successfully.

If you're new to vaping, here are the 10 most popular beginners vaping mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Device

One of the most important problem new vapers make once they start vaping is buying the incorrect device. Unfortunately, some shops encourage this by selling expensive high-end devices which aren't right for new users.

Generally, we might recommend a straightforward starter kit with pre-made coils to any newbie, but with numerous starter kits out there, it's hard to understand what you're getting. Some people might find an easy pod mod kit satisfying enough, while some others are going to be already able to enjoy something a bit more complex.

Before investing any money on vape device, you would like to know what you're buying. The web is filled with reviews, tutorials and recommendations on vaping. If you can’t spend much time researching, just attend a reputable local vape shop. I'm sure they're going to be happy to guide you.

If you have any further query about how to choose you first device check our guide to How to choose your first vape kit

Starting with the wrong nicotine strength

Another major mistake that a lot of vapers make is starting with the incorrect nicotine level. It’s particularly important to not start with a nicotine level that’s too low. Your vape must be satisfying enough to replace tobacco cigarettes. it's worth bearing in mind that nicotine isn't the sole thing that contribute towards cigarette addiction. If you've got a nicotine level that's too low, then the probabilities are you’ll find that the vape isn't satisfying enough to exchange cigarettes and/or that you simply are going to be vaping away without feeling fully satisfied.

If you're using a higher nicotine level and still don't feel like you're having enough of a hit, or the throat hit is too harsh, try nicotine salts.

Choosing the wrong E-Liquid

Choosing your e-liquid is crucial! With numerous liquids and flavor profiles out there, it's tough to seek out the proper one for you. Once more, we recommend to visit our store and check out as many e-liquid as you want and choose the best one for you.

But picking the proper flavor isn't enough, you furthermore may got to know your device. Some vapes cannot handle e-liquid with high VG (dense and thick). So you would like to form sure you're purchasing the e-liquid with the proper concentration of VG/PG.

If you have any further query about VG/PG liquid check our guide to Science of VG/PG.

Vaping Like Smoking a Cigarette

This is for ex-smokers only! They're used to make fast and hard puffs. This isn't the way to vape, though, because it won't generate the lovely vapour cloud, and you want your e-juice to give you the anticipated hit.

Take long, gentle puffs and then exhale the vapour to correct this. This will produce good vapour clouds and provide you with the satisfaction you need.

Not priming your coils before first use

So, you just got your new starter kit with the coil already attached. You can't wait to try it out, so you fill the tank with e-liquid and start vaping right away. That's incorrect! You must prime or fill the cotton of your coils with e-liquid and wait a few minutes until the cotton is fully saturated.

If you don't do this, you'll get a nasty dry hit, or worse, your pre-installed coil will burn and spoil. If this occurs, the flavour will be burned and greatly diminished. You might need to discard your first coil and purchase a new pack in certain cases.

Forgetting to Charge Your Battery/Vape

Vapes are battery-operated electronic devices. The battery is a power source that depletes over time and must be recharged. To vaporise the e-juice, vape coils use the battery's control. Some people, especially those who are new to vape systems, forget to charge their devices on a regular basis, resulting in damaged batteries or coil damage.

When a vape device battery is poor, it won't work properly. It won't produce a smooth inhale or enough vapour. To avoid such issues, remember to charge your battery frequently. To grasp the specifications and when the battery is completely charged, read the charging instructions. If you've recently quit smoking and are a newbie vaper, making a mistake like this might lead you back to cigarettes.

Wanting lots of clouds and vapor from the beginning

People see others blowing huge clouds and that they often want to experience that directly. Well, let me tell you that devices ready to do this aren't suitable for newbies and there's an enormous chance that you simply will start coughing after taking a puff from a RDA at 80W.

It's all about first experiences, and if your first vaping experience is coughing, you might give up. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices for newcomers that won't make you cough.

Most pod mods will mimic the tight draw from a cigarette so maybe you'll start using something like that then enter an enormous mod for cloud chasing with very low ohms.

Not changing the coil regularly enough

Tanks accumulate gunk as they age. It's also possible for them to develop burnt spots. This can cause the flavour to fade or become burnt. Burned coils are also harmful to your body. Coils should be changed on a regular basis to prevent this. It may even be worthwhile to clean your tank.

Making mistakes when filling e-liquid

Filling vape tanks is becoming increasingly easy. The most important thing to consider when filling a tank is to avoid getting e-liquid down the center drain. Most modern tanks are top-fill, with a hole in the side of the top into which e-liquid is poured.


As you can see, there are a lot of common mistakes that new vapers make. Vaping generally requires some experience and making the wrong decision could discourage you from quitting smoking. If you're a smoker considering switching to vaping, I hope this article was helpful.

If you have any further query you can visit our store and ask question from our experts they will be happy to guide you.

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