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How to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping?

How to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping?

We have all been there, we devour our e-cig, take an enormous inhale and rather than the sweet taste of vape goodness we’re left expulsion our guts from the flames of Satan, to form things worse, the coil may be a goner too – that is what we call a dry hit vape.

Luckily, we have got few tips and tricks to assist you avoid a dry hit vape, most of them are pretty simple, once you see them, you’ll be wondering how you didn’t consider that within the first place but don’t worry, we’ve all been there and, in this article, we will guide you how to avoid dry hits when vaping.

What is a Dry Hit?

As the name implies, dry hits occur once you fire your atomizer when there's not enough juice within the wick. Consequently, rather than your favorite e-juice, you get a lungful of burnt cotton - not exactly a well-liked flavor in anyone's books.

There are a couple of reasons behind this. Gunked up vape coils, poor airflow and wicking issues are just a couple of examples.

We may not have solved the problem yet, but there are ways to stop the dreaded dry hit.

How to avoid dry hits?

Dry hits are something that all vapers must interact with at some point or another. However, many of these situations occur because of user error or technological difficulties, all of which can be resolved. Follow the points below to avoid dry hits.

Prime Your Coil

If you are not aware of priming, you have been missing a critical step. When you're handling replaceable coils, the primary hit must go smoothly. If you vape early on and there's not enough juice, you will get a dry hit and possibly ruin a fresh coil. Don't let this happen.

Before installing a replacement coil, place a couple of drops of e-liquid on the exposed wick. Allow it to soak up then repeat this step once more. Don't overdo it, as you would possibly find yourself flooding the atomizer which just results in a replacement (albeit less painful) issue.

Then fill the tank with liquid and set it upright for 10 minutes. Most instructions will probably say four to 5 minutes is enough, but that is the bare minimum. Save yourself some potential hassle and provides it another five minutes, just to be safe.

Break in Your Coil

This is a method that applies to more advanced mods with wattage control. If you happen to have a vape thereupon feature, this is often an excellent opportunity to scale back dry hits.

Different coils are designed to figure within certain wattage ranges, alongside a perfect range labelled on the coil. But when a coil is fresh out of the box, you would like to treat it with care.

Breaking in your coil is same as warming up before exercise. It eases you into the method, resulting in less strain. identical principle applies with coils.

To break in your coil, take a couple of drags together with your wattage set a small amount below the minimum threshold, then gradually increase it every couple of minutes. this may prepare your coil for the sessions to return

You can also break in your coil by inhaling on the mouthpiece without firing the vape. This uses suction to drag liquid into the wick, giving it a touch of a hand.

Switch to a Different Coil

There are tons of great, reputable vape companies out there. But that does not mean that they do not make lousy coils sometimes.

While advanced sub-ohm coils typically have many good-sized wicking holes, some designs might drop the ball. this will pose a problem after a couple of drags.

If you notice that the coils you employ have a tendency to make dry hits midway through a session, you've got two choices.

  • The bestone is to easily try a replacement  Most tanks offer multiple sorts of their coils to suit different needs.
  • The second option is to easily slow down. Smaller holes mean that they have longer to re-wick. Try pausing for 30 seconds between each inhalation to see if that helps.

Adjust your airflow

You haven't changed your airflow correctly, which is another common cause of a dry strike. Some tanks have adjustable airflow settings, allowing you to customize the unit to your liking. When the airflow is fully open, air flows freely through the coil and wick assembly; however, pulling air into the atomizer is insufficient to pull a sufficient amount of liquid.

Lower Your VG

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) may be a favorite among cloud-chasers and people trying to find a smooth vape. Unfortunately, it isn't an enormous favorite among coils.

High VG e-liquid brings more pressure on all coils. These tend to be thicker and thus harder to soak up. Some coils just can't work with it after a particular level. this is often where dry hits become a standard issue.

Try using liquids with lower VG. there is a good chance dry hits won't happen often.

Keep Your Tank Filled

Refilling may be a pain, but it is important to stay your tank topped up. If you let the e-juice level run too low, the coil is not any longer fully submerged.

Consequently, it stops absorbing new liquid, so you gradually drain whatever's left within the wick.

But this small emergency storage runs out. When it does, you'll expect a nasty dry hit, alongside potential coil damage as well.

A good rule that the majority vapers follow is to refill once their juice levels hit around 10% to 20%. However, the earlier the better.

Change Your Vaping Technique

Sometimes, fighting dry hits may be a simple matter of adjusting the way you vape. If you tend to require fast, shallow drags, try switching to longer, deeper hits. Then, take a brief break before your next drag.


We know there's tons of data above and that we have tried to stay as short and to the purpose as possible, but after time you'll know exactly the way to get the simplest performance from your tank / dripper and confirm you don’t find yourself inhaling something worse than you ever imagined.

We hope that this dry hit vape guide has helped you to seek out, how to avoid dry hits or at least diagnose any issues you had.

If you have any query related to vaping or dry hits you can visit our store our expert will guide or solve your problems.

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