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3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only
3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only


A coil, also known as an atomiser is the part of the e-cigarette that creates the cloud.

A coil usually consists of a coiled metal core and cotton. The device heats up the coil which then heats the juice contained in the cotton to produce vapor.

Priming the coil simply means ensuring the coil is pre-soaked with juice before putting it in the tank. By coating any visible cotton with e-liquid, you can prevent dry hits (this is when the coil is heated when dry which burns the cotton). It is always recommended to prime a coil and wait at least 5 minutes on first use.

Over time the wear and tear of daily use will degrade the coil. This can happen in one of two ways
1. The wire breaks, in this circumstance the vape simply will not work.
2. The cotton is burnt, in this case a burnt taste may occur (please note some flavours may mask this). Another sign that the cotton has burnt is excessive leaking from tank and spit back when vaping.

The standard life expectancy of a coil once used lies between 1-4 weeks. If a coil has been left in a full tank but not used in over a week it is still advised to change the coil as the cotton or metal components can still degrade after such time spent wet.

Always pick your wattage based on the desired effect. Low wattage coils provide a tighter draw and are best paired with high nicotine juices. Higher wattage coils provide large volumes of cloud and are more ideal with thick high VG juice at low nicotine strengths. It is also worth recommending to always pick the coils that came with the tank when unsure.

Do you have enough juice n your tank? If not what you are tasting is the cotton burning due to being heated up whilst dry? This is known as a dry burn. How long have you had your coil in? Over time the cotton will degrade and begin burning which causes this sensation/flavour.

For lower powered coils it is always recommended to never exceed more than 50% VG as VG is sweet and viscous. A lower powered device/coil would not be able to heat the coil to the necessary temperature to effectively product vapor with this juice.

Higher PG juices however require a lower powered coil. As PG provides what is known as throat hit, using PG on a high wattage would produce a rather unpleasant experience.

Please always remember the three R’s when vaping

Right coil (always ensure you are using the right resistance coil for your vaping needs)

Right wattage (always follow the recommended wattage printed on either the coil or the box)

Right juice (ensure that your juice is neither too thin or too thick for the device) e.g T18e coil (1.5 Ohms) with a 70 VG juice would be too thick and burn out coil very quickly and 50 VG or lower would be more optimal.