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SMOK RPM Coils 0.4 Mesh, Pack of 5

by WizVape
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Smok RPM 40 Coils 

Unleash the true potential of your vaping device with the exceptional SMOK RPM 0.4 Mesh Coils. Crafted with precision and innovation, these coils are designed to redefine your vaping journey, providing an unparalleled combination of Flavor, vapor production, and longevity.

Also called Smok Rpm 40 coils, Features an advanced mesh heating element, ensuring a swift and even distribution of heat, resulting in an incredibly smooth and flavourful vape every time you take a draw. This technology optimizes the surface area contact between the coil and the e-liquid, allowing for a consistent vaporization process that captures the intricate notes of your favourite e-juices.

Not just about Flavor, Smok rpm 40 coils are also engineered for a remarkable vapor production that's sure to turn heads. Experience billowing clouds that retain the rich taste of your chosen e-liquid, providing a truly immersive vaping experience that satisfies all your senses.

But the magic doesn't stop there – the Smok Rpm 0.4 Mesh Coils are built to last. Thanks to their high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these coils exhibit remarkable durability, allowing you to enjoy extended usage without compromising performance.

What devices use Smok RPM coils?

The Smok Rpm Mesh 0.4 Coils come in a pack of 5 and are compatible with a variety of SMOK devices. Some of the devices that can use these coils include:

  1. SMOK RPM40
  2. SMOK Fetch Mini
  3. SMOK RPM80 and RPM80 Pro
  4. SMOK RPM Lite
  5. SMOK RPM2
  6. SMOK SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5
  7. SMOK Nord 4

Please note that compatibility can vary, and it's always a good idea to double-check your device's specifications or consult the manufacturer to ensure that the SMOK RPM 0.4 Mesh Coils are suitable for your specific vaping device.

Rpm 0.4 Mesh coils and Smok Rpm40 Kit 

Smok Rpm 0.4 mesh coils are designed to work with the Smok RPM40 Vape Kit, which is why they are also called Smok RPM40 coils. They are available in different resistances, providing great flavour and vapour production. Brief detail about them is given below.

  • RPM 0.4 Mesh coils contain a big mesh coil inside for faster heating and enormous vapour clouds. These coils are compatible with Smok Nord 4 Kit, so they are also called Smok Nord 4 Coils. Experience the sweet spot of vaping with the 0.4-ohm SMOK RPM Coils. Offering a harmonious blend of Flavor and vapor, these coils excel at delivering smooth draws and capturing the intricate notes of your favourite e-liquids. Ideal for vapers seeking a balanced experience that combines rich taste with satisfying cloud production.
  • RPM 0.6 Ohm strike a fine balance between Flavor and vapor production, making them a reliable choice for an array of vaping styles. Whether you're a Flavor enthusiast or a cloud chaser, the 0.6-ohm coils adapt effortlessly to your preferences.

  • RPM 1.0 ohm delivers more restrained vaping experience and are designed for those who prefer a gentler throat hit and a focus on Flavor, these coils provide a refined vaping journey that's perfect for nicotine salts and high-strength e-liquids. Enjoy a smoother inhale without sacrificing the nuances of your chosen e-juices.

  • RPM 1.2 Ohm Quartz Elevate your satisfaction with the 1.2-ohm Quartz SMOK RPM Coils. Known for their purity in Flavor delivery, these coils offer a clean and crisp taste, allowing you to savour the subtle intricacies of your e-liquids. Designed for a more reserved vapor production, they cater to vapers seeking a discrete and flavourful experience.
  • RPM 1.4 Ohm are crafted to extract the best from high-nicotine e-liquids, these coils provide a satisfying hit and exceptional Flavor rendition. Whether you're transitioning from traditional cigarettes or simply enjoy the smoothness of nicotine salts, the 1.4-ohm coils deliver a remarkable vaping experience.

Smok Nord 4 Coils Features:

  • 0.4 Ohms Resistance
  • 5 Coils in a Pack
  • Fast ramp-up time
  • Organic cotton-wicking material
  • Sub Ohm and Mouth to Lung options
  • Best: 25W, For Best Flavour
  • Easy push-fit design
5 Pro Tips to Extend Your Coil Lifespan!

1: Prime Your Coils: It will take the coil some time to withdraw with e-liquid before you can use it. To accomplish this, add a few drops of e-liquid to the coil before installing it and let it sit there for a while. Another choice is to set up the coil and give it ten minutes to sit so the e-liquid can fill it. After that, the coil is ready for use.

3: Use High-Quality E-Liquids / Juice:  Budget e-liquids contain high sweetener content which destroys coils since the sugary sweeteners burn and render coils of vape kits. E-liquid build-up in these coils wears out the wicks, making it difficult for them to absorb fresh juice. Even though companies in their e-liquid flavourings frequently use sweeteners, they are typically used in considerably fewer quantities than budget brands. Premium ingredients used in high-quality e-liquids are less harmful to your coils. We advise always using the suggested settings and the proper e-liquid ratio. Your coil will last longer, and the impact will be better. Premium Quality E-Liquids can be purchased here.

3: Clean Your Coils Regularly: Regular coil cleaning is necessary to remove e-liquid build-up. You can clean coils with vodka, vinegar, or regular warm water. Whatever option you choose, soak your coils overnight to remove any lingering e-liquid build-up.

4: Use High PG E-Liquids: High VG e-liquids are frequently made from vegetable oil, which has a thick viscosity that can clog coils. While high VG juices are ideal for sub-ohm, direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, 50:50 e-liquids and High PG E-liquids have a considerably thinner consistency and do not have the same effect on vape coils as high VG e-liquid. Premium High PG Eliquids can be purchased here

5: Keep Your Tank Full: Driving a car with no oil is similar to driving a car without fuel; the engine will eventually seize, causing considerable damage. If you don't have enough e-liquid, your wick will vaporise thin air, resulting in a horrible burnt flavour. Many tanks contain a minimum level indicator to help you when vaping. To lessen the risks of a dry hit, keep your vape kit reservoir topped up to at least this fill line.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Super Fast Delivery

These were a lot cheaper than I can buy then locally. Genuine Smok Coils...flavour is great again in my Smok Nord 4. Super fast delivery too. Thank you.

Best sub ohm coil

Best sub ohm coil for rpm, even a mtl person would like!

Very good value of money

Very good value of money.


Perfect, legit and cheaper than the shops. People are just stupid and don't read the description or know what coil their vape requires.

Highly Recommended

Products are 100% genuine - Great flavour - First coil has lasted me approx 8days (I vape regularly) - Just swapped with my second and have had no issues. Highly recommended, will be purchasing from Wizvape again.