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Innovative world of POD Kits

Innovative world of POD Kits

Vaping has become way more popular than the times it was initially created back in 2003. There are number of factors involved in increasing popularity and usage of vapes among which wanting to quit smoking tops the list. There is this one thing in vaping that’s absolutely over-shadowing all the other vaping products and that is POD kit. anybody who is just getting started with vaping must be looking for something super simple to use and that’s where POD kits get favored to use. POD kits are also popular because of their pocket friendly size and shapes and the huge range they come in. You can always choose on the basis of size, coil, power and other different variables.


Why POD MOBS become so popular?

Pod kits have been on the market for a while (first appearing in stores in 2017), but each year since then, we've seen more and more improvement from the companies that make them. When vaping first became popular, cig-a-likes were about all that was available. When pod kits were introduced, they were designed to provide an ultra-simple setup while providing far higher flavor payoff, more vapor, and a long life. Vapers are a picky bunch. We are continually looking for innovative designs, better batteries, more options, and new flavors. The vape industry's powerhouses certainly delivered, as there is more variety than ever before. Pod kits were nearly often designed for beginner vapers.

Initially when vaping trend started, there were very few options to get your hands on or least to say there were just two options, one were cigarettes a-likes and other was vape pens. The first one is for single use, doesn’t have a lot of flavors and also doesn’t give much of a nicotine where as vape pens are re-useable and have open tanks but they can be tacky and often leak.

Box MODs are also very versatile having functions like variable wattage, more power and longer battery life, but they are not very handy and such a major shift when it comes to switching and beginners. For those making the switch, they needed something that was not more effort than lighting a cigarette. Basically, small size, light weight and easy to carry.

The best possible and original solution to this problem came about when juul hit the market back in 2015.The JUUL is a portable "nicotine-delivery device" that is supposed to simulate the physical and sensory experience of smoking while eliminating the appearance of a cigarette. The JUUL is made up of two parts: the device itself, which contains the battery and temperature control system, and the e-liquid cartridge that you insert into the device. Because the cartridge also serves as a mouthpiece, you simply insert it into the JUUL and you're ready to go. The JUUL device is rechargeable and includes a USB charger that you can plug into your computer or a charging block.


How the pod kits have revolutionized

The pod kits vaping market was originally taken by a storm by closed pods that were pre-filled and could only be used once. This was great for those looking for something super low maintenance and easy to use, but they were limiting users both on the choice of flavors and nicotine strength. Apart from that, heavy vapers were not finding them useful enough.

The open pod kits gave a lot of convenience to vape users by allowing them to control the amount of nicotine they want to consume and choose whatever flavor they want. The open pods also give you option to choose high strength nicotine salt e-liquids which were great for ex-heavy smokers. They were also more cost effective because these pods could be used over and over again until the coil wore out and even after that you can change coil.


The top pod mods currently available are listed here, along with their prices. Look through the options to pick the best pod device for your needs.


1.    Voopoo Drag 3 Pod Kit

As compared to old devices of Voopoo, this time VOOPOO Drag 3 mod is furnished with the newly designed TPP (Tank Pod Push) atomizer. TPP atomizer can hold 5.5ml of your favorite e-liquid. However, the new updated 5.5ml magnetic suction pod provide the most convenient and sanitary way to fill e-liquid.

2.    SMOK RPM160 Pod Vape Kit

The Smok RPM 160 pod kit is a high-powered sub-ohm device. It's powered by dual 18650 batteries and claims to be the world's first dual battery sub ohm pod kit (sold separately). It also has a maximum output of 160W and several output modes, including Variable Wattage.

3.    Smok Scar P5 Pod Vape Kit

SCAR series comes with two variants, SCAR-P3 and SCAR-P5, which are meant to be waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant, raising the pod mod to a whole new level of performance and user experience, distilling the essence of existing pod mods. 

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