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What Is JUUL Pod's Most Famous Flavors?

What Is JUUL Pod's Most Famous Flavors?

Juul Pods – A Short Overview

The JUUL is a portable "nicotine-delivery device" that is supposed to simulate the physical and sensory experience of smoking while eliminating the appearance of a cigarette. The JUUL is made up of two parts: the device itself, which contains the battery and temperature control system, and the e-liquid cartridge that you insert into the device. Because the cartridge also serves as a mouthpiece, you simply insert it into the JUUL and you're ready to go. The JUUL device is rechargeable and includes a USB charger that you can plug into your computer or a charging block.

JUUL is without a doubt one of the most popular e-cigarette brands on the market today. While many excellent, similar products have arisen since the JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit first appeared on the scene, it remains the gold standard for many when it comes to pod-based vaping.

That's why, at Electric Tobacconist, we proudly carry JUUL flavors and whole beginning kits, and are always needing to replenish owing to high demand. This JUUL review delves deeper into what to expect when using the gadget, as well as details on some delicious new JUUL flavors and what is juul pod's most famous flavors?

Getting Your Starter Kit With JUUL Pods    

When you're ready to vape, simply click a JUUL flavor pod into position to eliminate refills, leaks, or using the improper e-juice. You merely breath on the gadget to begin vaping – no waiting or pressing buttons required.

The boldness doesn't end there. Check the battery level on your JUUL e-cigarette by tapping it twice, which is shown by a small light on the vaporizer. Green indicates that you're able to go, yellow indicates that you're about halfway through, and red indicates that you're about to run out of battery.

The JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit Includes The Following Items

  • A JUUL device that can be recharged
  • A USB charger that is magnetic
  • JUUL flavor pods in a multi-pack of four
  • A one-year warranty for the gadget

The Most Famous JUUL Pod Flavor

It's a landslide victory! According to our survey, Mango is by far the most favorite JUUL flavor. Mango has nearly half of all votes, with over 38,000 total responses!

Mango debuted as a limited-edition flavor in late 2017, however due to popular demand; it was added to the normal JUUL flavor range, which also includes Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Fruit Medley, and Crème Brule.

These current findings may surprise you or be precisely what you expected, depending on your favorite pod. I contacted a few nearby JUUL retailers – a vape shop, a smoke shop, and a gas station – to find out which JUUL flavors were the most popular. It's only a sampling, but it's fairly consistent with our opinion.

How About Some Fresh And Unique JUUL Flavors?

JUUL pod flavor options were initially limited to four, but a fifth was added following the vaporizer's launch. There are now eight more JUUL pod flavors to choose from, offering you an entirely new vaping experience.

Continue reading to learn more about each JUUL pod flavor, as well as some positive feedback from our satisfied customers.

  1. Mango Flavor JUUL Pods

Mango, a more recent addition to the JUUL pod flavor selection, has proved to be a great success. While the Fruit Medley option offers hints of a variety of flavors, this JUUL pod flavor provides a complete impact of sweet and delicious mango.

  1. Mint Flavor JUUL Pods

The Virginia Tobacco JUUL pod flavor is as famous as it is, but Cool Mint has it beat step for step. When it comes to e-cigarettes, this menthol vape with mint is as pleasant as it gets, providing you with that much-needed breath of fresh air anytime you need it.

  1. Virginia Tobacco Flavor JUUL Pods

The most famous JUUL flavor is the classic tobacco lookalike pod. For practically all JUUL consumers, this American-blend style vape is a normal JUUL pod flavor, offering a rich and amazing taste.

  1. Cucumber Flavor JUUL Pods

Cool Cucumber is a super-fresh alternative for people who choose to avoid tobacco-based vapes. It's ideal for those hot summer days when you just want to relax. It's sweet but not too sweet, and it's a great new flavor to add to your JUUL pod collection.

  1. Creme-Flavored JUUL Pods

We all deserve a treat now and then, and the Creme Brulee flavor pod is the ultimate pleasure in the shape of JUUL flavor pods. Sweet custard and vanilla flavors combine for a delicious, but not overpowering vape that will have you gently avoiding dessert after dinner in favor of your vaporizer!

  1. JUUL Pods In Menthol Flavor

This JUUL pod flavor will leave you speechless. It has all of the usual icy-smooth menthol pleasure while yet providing the necessary JUUL impact. It's practically a breath of fresh air, and it will leave you well satisfied.

  1. Fruit Medley Flavor JUUL Pods

This JUUL pod flavor, formerly known as 'Fruit,' is not only refreshing; it's unique and a little bit delicious! Keep this JUUL pod flavor on hand if you want a change of pace from a standard tobacco simulation vape.

  1. JUUL Pods Traditional Tobacco Flavor

To those who miss the old days of pure tobacco flavor, your vaping experience has here! JUUL Traditional Tobacco is extremely aromatic and provides the desired throat impact. Because the flavor isn't as strong as JUUL Virginia Tobacco, you can relax and enjoy JUUL Traditional Tobacco at your pace.


Juul's popularity is largely due to its flavor options. Juul allows you to customize your vaping experience to your preferences without having to deal with e-juice bottles. While Juul mainly offers eight flavors – Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Classic Tobacco, Mango, Creme, Cucumber, Fruit, and Menthol — third-party options abound.

The Juul Device Kit is available in a variety of colors and styles. You might also purchase the Juul Vapor Starter Kit. It costs a little more, but it comes with a variety of cartridges. As a result, you'll be able to taste a variety of famous flavors.

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