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History of E-liquids

History of E-liquids

I think that time seems like a long time ago now but it was the year that released the first commercially available e-cigarette into the world. Naturally, with the invention of the e-cigarette, came e-liquid. Originally a disposable design, e-cigarettes had a limited flavor range and were kind of the first draft of the Vaping technology we have available today. It’s been over a decade now and vaping has come a long way - both in terms of the kits you can get and also the e-liquids. Everyone has their favorite flavor but e-liquids are often overlooked in comparison to the big shiny box mods, tanks, and nifty little pod kits you can get these days. E-liquids have leveled up their game because of the unique flavors and variety of flavor combinations.


A bit like Darwin’s finches evolving differently depending on their diet, vape kits have evolved to work better and better with every passing day with differently amazing and unique types of e-liquids. Want a strong throat and nicotine hit with minimal vapor? Then You need a high PG liquid and a mouth-to-lung device with a plus Ohm coil. Want mammoth clouds, next to no nicotine, and minimal throat hit? Then you got to pick up a bottle of high VG liquid and pair it with a more powerful Sub Ohm kit. Different types of e-liquids serve different types of cravings and vapers’ requirements.


History of E-liquids




Vaping had to start somewhere and it was from the humble beginnings of the cig-a-like. That was very slim and similar in shape and size to a conventional cigarette, these models were quite limited compared to modern standards. They were single-use with a small battery capacity and a finite amount of shortfall e-liquid (which you also couldn’t refill). Once your vape juice ran out or your battery died, you needed to throw them away and get a new one. This was the first of its name in vaping technology and was completely dependent upon the availability of e-liquid.

The e-liquid itself provided very little in the way of flavor and vapor. The actual variety of flavors was very limited too there were not many of the flavors available. Consumer preferences began to change and their demand for better technology meant both devices and their liquids had to evolve. When we compare today’s vaping technology to old times, now e-liquids have evolved way too much. Now we use different kinds of shortfill e-liquids which involve tobacco eliquids, fruity e-liquids, menthol E-liquids, and the list goes on. Now you can find some of the high PG E-liquids in the UK.


Next Generation of Vaping

Because there was a demand for more flavors in shortfill eliquids and vape juices, varying nicotine levels, and even nicotine-free vapes in the UK, the smart move was to develop a vape kit that could be refilled with whatever liquid you wanted so now enters: vapes with tanks.

This meant manufacturers could now start making e-liquids with a lot more variants. Different flavors, more or less nicotine, and different PG: VG ratios most commonly 70/30 Vg/Pg

In less than a decade and a half, e-liquids and vaping have evolved rapidly. They’ve changed everything from their nicotine content and what kind of nicotine they contain to updating how they’re made and sold to maintain compliance by law. Whether you want a 50:50 liquid for a mouth to lung kit, a high VG and nicotine-free mix for your Sub Ohm tank, or a nic salt pod kit, e-liquids are as diverse and unique as the vapers using them.

Now Vaping had become more customizable. Now, you could decide how much nicotine you wanted, in which flavor, and also select a PG level according to how strong a throat hit you wanted too. We can also decide if we want to go for nicotine-free vapes or how much tobacco level you want in your e-liquids or what kind of tobacco e-liquids you’d like to have.

Plenty of people think you pick your kit first and then buy an e-liquid. But this is not quite the case. You should pick your e-liquid first with its nicotine level and throat hit the power (or lack thereof) and then you choose from a range of devices that’ll work well with your selected e-liquid and shortfill E-juices.




While the second generation of devices and liquids was a significant step up, the higher the nicotine level is, the harsher would be the taste and harsher it would be on your throat. For smokers who were on a pack or more a day, sometimes even a 24mg nicotine strength wasn’t quite enough to give a satisfying hit.

You’ve almost certainly heard of Juul. This one little device that looks like a USB drive has revolutionized the way vaping works - and not just with the design of the pod kit itself, but with nicotine salts. 

NIC salts are a new form of nicotine that hits harder and faster, designed with transitioning smokers in mind.

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