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Is It True That E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

Is It True That E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze?

The notion that smoking e liquids / vape Juice includes antifreeze is a common concern among beginning e-cigarette users. This article addresses those concerns and explains Is It True That E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze? 

When persons with titles like "doctor" or "professor" promote such anxieties, it is especially concerning to people who are concerned about their health.

The first thing to remember is that as vaping becomes more popular, the money earned by cigarette corporations and pharmacies offering stopping products has reduced.

These corporations, as well as others who rely on their profits, are working hard to keep the popularity of electronic cigarettes under control.

Many times, such qualified and responsible individuals have misrepresented the truth about vaping.

What Is The Nature Of Antifreeze?

It is used to lower the freezing point of water, allowing it to remain liquid at temperatures below 0° Celsius.

Is Antifreeze Present In E-Liquid?

No. Anyone who tells you it does is either wrong or misinformed.

So, What's The Point Of Raising It?

Many people are aware that many antifreeze compounds are harmful. If you search online for poisoning cases, you'll come up with several examples of pets that died as a result of consuming it.

Because of its pleasant smell and delicious taste, it is known to attract pets. The papers neglect to mention that this is due to a substance is known as ethylene glycol.

Ethylene glycol antifreeze products appeal to children's senses of smell and taste, raising the risk.

Even if a person does not die from poisoning, ethylene glycol antifreeze can build crystals in the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys, resulting in death.

So Why Do Those Who Reject E-Cigarettes Use The Term "Antifreeze"?

Propylene glycol is used instead of ethylene glycol in some antifreeze products. One of the two primary components in e-liquid is propylene glycol (PG).

Does It Have The Same Impact As It Sounds?


When PG is used, the products are frequently labeled as "non-toxic antifreeze" to stress the fact that they are safe.

I'm Still Puzzled; It's In Antifreeze, But It's Not Antifreeze, Right?

Consider a cake: it may include eggs, but it is not the same as a raw egg.

Water is used to make antifreeze, even toxic antifreeze. Can you imagine how much laughter you'd have if someone told you that a cup of orange juice contains antifreeze?

It's also important to remember that while many items are hazardous, it's the quantity you consume that kills you.

Apple seeds, like cherries, peaches, and almonds, contain cyanide, but no one is fighting to have them removed from the 5 A Day list.

My Friend, On The Other Hand, Had A Negative Reaction To Vaping!

Your friend is most likely one of the few people who are intolerant to PG, similar to how some people are intolerant to milk or wheat products. Other vaping negative effects are seen by certain smokers.

Fortunately, there are many low-PG and 100-percent-VG Vape Juice options.

So, I Don't Need To Be Worried?

You have far less to be concerned about than anti-vaping advocates would have you believe.

Additionally, compared to the poisons and carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, vaping is far safer.

Additional PG Information:

  • PG is broken down by the body into compounds that occur naturally as a result of regular human metabolic operations.
  • The United States Food And drug have rated PG as "Generally Recognized as Safe."
  • To make it easy to recognize as non-toxic, PG is colored pink for use in antifreeze products.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has also cleared PG for human inhalation, making it safe to use in fog machines.
  • In several investigations, the germicidal effects of PG have been found to improve human lung function by destroying germs.

What Happens To E-Juice When It Gets Cold Outside?

Even though the juice does not freeze solid, if it is exposed to unfavorable conditions for an extended period of time, it will thicken. The vaporizing function may be slowed, or the device may stop working completely if the juice is thicker. Even while the liquid won't expand or cause fractures in your vaporizer, it's still advisable to use it at the temperature it was meant for. Some pens are more sensitive to cold weather pressure than others, so yours may perform great in the cold.

Whether you start leaving your e-juice out in the cold by mistake or on purpose, keep in mind that the flavor of your liquid may or may not alter. After refreezing, the VG or PG should maintain their quality and perform well in the decide.

Don't Forget To Consider The Battery

The only item you should be concerned about exposing to the cold is e-juice. Batteries, too, operate at optimal temperatures, and negative temperatures may cause them to fail. Your vaporizer battery, like automobile batteries, will fail completely in the cold. Warming up a vaporizer battery is the cure to it not working. Bring it inside and let it warm up to room temperature before restarting your device.


To conclude this article, e-liquid does contain Propylene Glycol, a chemical used to produce a sort of antifreeze; however it is non-toxic and does not pose a risk to human health, unlike other compounds like Methanol or Ethylene Glycol. In short we are able to eliminate the concern Is It True That E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze?

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