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How to choose your first vape kit

How to choose your first vape kit

Are You New to Vaping?

Many different vaping devices are available in the market that it is very difficult to know what will be the best one to purchase when you want to start your vaping journey.

For Example, when you’re starting something new, the best advice is to keep it simple.

Innokin Endura T18e Kit is a great choice for new vapers. It’s a Perfect pen Style starter kit which as many advantages like it very reliable kit, easy to charge, wide range of e liquids can be used with it and it is very easy to carry around. If you smoke or know somebody who does, the T18e Kit is a great option. 

T18e is also a mouth to lung device. This means it has been designed to reproduce the feel and action of smoking cigarettes. Most people who start vaping are trying to give up cigarettes so it’s an ideal and familiar place to start.

But it’s not the only way! We will explain briefly about vaping and then we will break down a few of the different types of kit here to give you an overview before you choose the best vape device for your needs.

How to choose your first vape kit

Mouth To Lung:

Mouth to lung inhalation is when you inhale the vapor into your mouth before it is inhaled into your lungs. The main advantage of Mouth to Lung vaping is that you have more control over the amount of vapor going into the lungs. Also the flavor of your E-Liquid comes through more since the vapor saturates the taste buds. In addition It is a more useful way to quit traditional cigarettes, as it mimics traditional smoking effectively.

You would use MTL devices for Mouth to Lung Vaping. These devices tend to be small enough to fit in your pocket and generally have a long battery life. They are charged via USB and have been designed for simplicity of use.

Direct To Lung:

Direct to lung inhalation is when vapor goes directly into your lungs. It is like breathing, air is never held in the mouth before breathing it into the lungs. This method is popular among those who like to produce large clouds of vapor. Main advantages here are large vapor production as the lungs are capable of holding much more vapor than the mouth which leads to produce larger vapor clouds. In addition it is the most satisfying way as the nicotine hits will be much more stronger.

You would use DTL devices for Direct to Lung Vaping. These devices are bigger than pen style devices because they require more power and for that they will have 2 or 3 or 4 Lithium Ion Batteries.

Another good option will be a Pod Kits, which are lightweight, more convenient, easier and Portable solution to Pen type kits. They are ideal for those people who want to switch to vaping from smoking. They come with refillable pods instead of a standard vape tank. Generally Pod kits are used to consume High Nicotine dose. Mostly people prefer Nic Salts eliquids which is a great choice for any one to quit smoking easily.

Voopoo Drag series introduced some great vape pods like Drag S and Drag X vape pod kits. Both are Bottom Filled pod kits where Drag S gives and Output Power from 5 to 60W and Drag X 5 to 80W. Drag X Pod Kit also offer a replaceable 8650 battery.

Romance eliquid 50vg50Pg is a great option to start with as it is specifically formulated for starter and Pod kits however Romance eliquid can also be used with both classic and sub ohm devices. It is very Coils Friendly juice our customers order it again and again.

For sure Romance e liquid provides an extremely versatile vaping experience, Having 25 Gorgeous Flavours in strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in 10ml Bottle. For Further details please click the image below.

Due to the very high demand of these flavorus they were also introduced in 50ml Shorfills versions. For Further details please click the image below.

For more information on how eliquids could affect your coils, you could read our eliquid Fact and FAQ'S Guide . Furthermore here are 5 Steps on how to get the most of your coils.

The following video explains quite well about how to pick the best first vape kit.


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