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How To Choose Your First E-cigarette Kit

How To Choose Your First E-cigarette Kit

Over the previous couple of years the recognition of vaping has grown substantially and makers are busy innovating the device to stay up with demand. There are tons of options available when it involves choosing your first E-cigarette and it is often quite overwhelming to make a decision which one to use.

For new vapers, the transition from tobacco products to electronic cigarettes or any vaping device can often be both exciting and overwhelming. It's exciting because they know that they're leaving the risks of tobacco cigarettes behind and adopting a practice that experts say is 95% safer than traditional smoking.

On the other hand manufacturers are busy in introducing new types of E-cigarette and there are plenty of products available in the market but for the new vapers it’s a very difficult choice to choose which E-cigarette device to use. We’ve compiled a list of the different e-cigarettes available with information on how they work and the pros and cons of each device to help you get a better understanding of the types of e-cigarette and what differs between them.

There are lot of categories of E-cigarette but the Four major categories are.

Cig-a-like E-Cigarette

As the name suggest cig-a-like e-cigarette the shape and size of these devices are like a traditional cigarette and are often colored to look like one. For new vapers they are the popular choice because they are the cheapest and easy to use out of all the models.

Cig-a-likes are a simple option for those user who have no vaping experience. They're small, discrete an often disposable, however, they're non-refillable and flavour choices are limited. a number of the newer styles now accompany a re-usable battery base.

The two-piece Cig-a-like comes with a chargeable battery (and USB charging cable) and an atomizer-containing cartridge. Hence the name cartomizer. The atomizer screws onto the battery, making the device able to use with little fuss. This style produces better flavor and slightly better vapor but remains considered as a low-range quality option.

The pros and cons of cig-a-like E-cigarette are:


  • There look and feel is like a real cigarette
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Most familiar for smokers
  • Healthier than conventional cigarettes


  • Short battery life
  • Can’t be upgraded or modified to improve performance
  • They produced small amount of vapour
  • Not many e-liquid flavours were available

Vape pen

A lot of vapers recommend pen-style vape devices.

With the pen-style e-cigarette, you've got tons more options when it involves choosing e-liquids. Battery life is longer than the cig-a-likes and that they are still relatively simple to use and cheap to shop for.

These devices are generally considered to be mid-sized since they're about the dimensions of a cigar or a fine writing pen. they provide variety of benefits over disposables and therefore the simpler Cig-a-likes, including expanded battery life, increased vapor production, and wider access to flavor choices. they're usually slightly costlier than both disposables and therefore the two-piece, but still well within most vapers’ budgets.

The pros and cons of Vape pen E-cigarette are:


  • Good battery life.
  • Theretank is greater, the E-liquid lasts longer.
  • Refillable, more flavors choices.
  • More satisfying vapor production than that of cig-a-like.


  • Larger and bulky than cig-a-likes.
  • Cost can be reasonably high.
  • You have to learn how to clean the device to stay it working well, including the atomiser and replacing/priming coils.

Box or Vape Mods

The third and last type of E-cigarettes are Box or Vape Mods they have lot more features then the first two types of E-cig but mostly they were recommended for user who have experience in vaping for new users it’s little bit difficult to understand all the functionalities.

But for those that want a good richer and custom vaping experience, these devices are the best choice for them. These devices use to be named APVs (Advanced personal vaporizer) by many within the vaping community but recently are just referred to as box mods. 

These advanced devices are available different sizes and shapes, starting from a little box to an outsized cylinder. The batteries are most ordinarily removable and rechargeable, although some manufacturers to form internal battery versions. They are available with a high degree of customization options, and detailed controls that maximize your ability to personalize both the device and your vaping experience. With the advantages related to more powerful batteries, it enables more energy to be drawn by the coils, empowering users to realize even greater vapor volume.

The pros and cons of Box or Vape Mods E-cigarette are:


  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Large Refillable tank
  • Customizable vape and huge choice of atomizers
  • Provide a variety of liquids
  • Digital Screen Readout and more durable


  • They are bulkier and bigger than other E-cigarettes
  • There cost is more than vape pen and Cig-a-like
  • For newbie, these e-cigs are little intimidating!
  • Adjusting the temperature and voltage setting sound knowledge for safe usage

Pod Kits

Another good option will be a Pod Kits, which are lightweight, more convenient, easier and Portable solution to Pen type kits. They are ideal for those people who want to switch to vaping from smoking. They come with refillable pods instead of a standard vape tank. Generally Pod kits are used to consume High Nicotine dose. Mostly people prefer Nic Salts eliquids which is a great choice for any one to quit smoking easily.

Voopoo Drag series introduced some great vape pods like Drag S and Drag X vape pod kits. Both are Bottom Filled pod kits where Drag S gives and Output Power from 5 to 60W and Drag X 5 to 80W. Drag X Pod Kit also offer a replaceable 8650 battery.


  • Compact and very Light
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Adjustable settings
  • Powerful
  • Produce great flavour and taste
  • Less room in pocket
  • Cost less to run


  • Pods must be refillable
  • Battery life is very important
  • if they breaks you need a new one

Choosing Your Type

It would be unrealistic to suggest that everybody begin with a complicated box mod or Vape mod device. the reality is that a lot of people simply haven't any interest in overcoming the training curve involved in many of the more complex setups. Others simply haven't any intention of delving that deeply into the vaping universe and are just trying to find how to flee tobacco once and for all. As a result, the choice of 1 vaping device over another always comes right down to personal preference.

When starting out, stand back from the models that have more flashy design features and keep it simple. If you discover a mod too hard to use, you'll get disheartened and doubtless hand over.

The following video explains quite well about how to pick the best first vape kit.

 Romance eliquid 50vg50Pg is a great option to start with as it is specifically formulated for starter and Pod kits however Romance eliquid can also be used with both classic and sub ohm devices. It is very Coils Friendly juice our customers order it again and again.

For sure Romance e liquid provides an extremely versatile vaping experience, Having 25 Gorgeous Flavours in strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in 10ml Bottle. For Further details please click the image below.

romance 5050 eliquids

Due to the very high demand of these flavorus they were also introduced in 50ml Shorfills versions. For Further details please click the image below.

romance 5050 shortfill eliquids

For more information on how eliquids could affect your coils, you could read our eliquid Fact and FAQ'S Guide . Furthermore here are 5 Steps on how to get the most of your coils.

If in any doubt ask us and we will be very happy to assist you. Here at Wizvape We don’t just sell e cigarettes & e-liquids, we also educate consumers and give them the best support possible to help them on their vaping journey. is an excellent place to start out if you’re new to E-cigarette. We will offer an advice on all aspects of vaping and will confirm you've got all the knowledge and kit according to your desire and you can easily switch form cigarettes to Vaping.

Welcome to Vaping

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