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Guide To Variable Electronic Cigarette Devices Wattage/Voltage

Guide To Variable Electronic Cigarette Devices Wattage/Voltage

If you're reading this, you're either thinking about buying or have already bought a variable voltage or variable wattage electronic cigarette.

For vapers, this is a significant step forward from a cigarette-like device or a vape pen-style electronic cigarette. You're indicating that you've progressed from a starting kit to intermediate/advanced vaping.

In today's vaping market, the vast majority of devices have variable wattage, which is a standard by which most manufacturers create their devices. So here is a comprehensive guide to variable electronic cigarette devices.

Why People Should Utilize Vapor Devices?

The reason people utilize vapor devices to modify the output power is since they are after their vapor experience for something else.

If you can modify the voltage or wattage on your instrument, the electrical current passing through the coil can be increased /decreased. The advantages are better production of flavor and vapor.

When They Can Use?

You might want to experiment with different nicotine levels, PG/VG ratios, e-juice flavors, and atomizer/resistance coil combinations.

How They Can Use?

The coil will heat up differently if the current flow through it is changed. You'll find a setting that suits you best, one that gives you the flavor and vape that you prefer over the fixed voltage of an Ego/vape pen style battery.

Experimentation is a term you'll hear a lot in the vaping world, and it applies here as well. We all vape in our own way, so finding the optimal wattage is a personal choice.

Interesting Facts About Watt?

A normal vape pen battery is 3.7 volts, and the majority of the atomizers for it are 1.5 ohms.

Using Ohm's Law, V=I*R, we can calculate that a maximum current of 2.5 amps flows in this circuit.

Using the power equation P=V*I, we can determine how much energy is being used to heat the e-liquid, which is 9.25 watts in this example.

However, when the battery is utilized, the voltage drops. The current flowing around the circuit and the energy reaching the coil both decrease as it lowers.

Who Is The User Of A VV/VW Device?

People who desire a consistent vape experience or more ‘oomph' in their vape, in simple terms.

The electronics in a VV/VW device will automatically change the voltage or wattage to maintain a consistent level.

If you set your gadget at 4.2 volts, it will "step-up" the battery's output when it starts to drain, thus even if the battery only reads 3.6 volts, it will be boosted to 4.2 volts. This implies that the vape will be consistent until the battery has to be replaced.

Many people prefer to utilize the power option and choose the wattage they want because it delivers more consistent energy to the coil and automatically adjusts for fluctuations in the battery's output.

What Kind Of Setting Do You Require?

Start with a low setting and progressively increase the output until you find one that provides you with the flavor and/or throat hit you want.

The setting you choose will depend on the juice you're using and the coil's resistance.

It's worth noting that if the coil resistance is too low, many VV/VW devices will not work. It protects you and your gadget from a short circuit, which is a fantastic safety feature.

You'll note that there's a point above which the coil becomes too hot and evaporates the e-liquid so quickly that the wick (cotton) can't feed juice to the coil fast enough, resulting in a dry burn.

Again, you can prevent this problem by gradually increasing the wattage, and experience will quickly tell you what levels you are comfortable vaping at.


You'll come across two kinds of vape devices: those with replaceable batteries and those with integrated batteries.

You may also require an 18-series battery or batteries for a vape mod with replaceable cells. The longer a battery lasts, the larger it is.

If you choose the replacement option, make sure you are familiar with the safety of your vape battery! If you decide to go this way, be sure to read our guide to sub ohm vaping batteries.

Of course, if you don't want to deal with replacing batteries, a vape mod with an integrated battery is the way to go.

It will have a lifespan, just like any other product with a battery, and once the battery dies, the entire item will need to be replaced.

It doesn't sound fantastic, but I've used a lot of integrated battery upgrades that lasted 8-12 months or more.

You can look through our top-rated box mods to help you get the appropriate vape mod for you.

Voltage, Watts, And Ohms Explained In Detail For Vapers

Simple circuits, including a battery, a switch, and a heating coil, are used in vape devices. The circuit is effectively a controlled short, with the battery's power output employed to generate heat.

  • Mah

A milliampere hour (mAh) is one thousandth of an ampere hour (Ah). Both are used to calculate battery capacity; a greater mAh rating indicates more capacity. mAh is a capacity measurement and should not be confused with power.

  • Amps

The amp (short for ampere) is a unit of current measurement. An ampere is defined as 6.241*10 18 electrons (1 Coulomb) flowing through a location in a circuit every second.

  • Voltage

Voltage is the potential energy that exists between two locations in a circuit. One point will be charged more than the other. Voltage is the difference in electrical charge between two places.

  • Watts

A watt is a unit of measurement for the amount of electricity used by an electronic system.

Which Wattage Variable Device Should I Purchase?

Because the selection is so wide, you can obtain anything that you want, but the general rule is that the cheaper it is, the sooner it will need to be replaced...

However, not everyone wants to spend £100+ on a DNA vape mod when a £40 device can perform the same job.

Some people like tube mods, but the most popular are undoubtedly box mods, which are, in my opinion, the most straightforward way for new vapers to get started.

Which Is Preferable, Voltage Or Wattage?

The batteries do not deliver constant voltage, they fluctuate up and down and most people like wattage configurations since these configurations compensate for the fluctuations.

Whatever the resistance in your tank / cleaning equipment (ohm rating), the gadget will be adjusted automatically by employing variable wattage.

This is why most mods can be easily used to view wattage mode function.

Manual changes depending on the resistance of the coil are necessary if the variable voltage option is used.

So, it is your particular preference that you will find. No good or evil, it's only what works for you.


There's a lot to take in here, but this is primarily for fans. The most important thing is to learn just enough about vaping to ensure that you enjoy it and do not switch back to smoking.

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