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Pukka Juice Blaze No Ice Vape Juice 100ml

By Pukka Juice
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Pukka Juice
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 Blaze No Ice Shortfill E-Liquid by Pukka Juice 100ml

Pukka Juice Vape Juice 100ml is a symphony of flavour meticulously crafted to exalt your vaping experience. Dip yourself in the world of premium vaping with our exceptional High VG E-liquid, setting new standards for excellence in the industry. Here's why Pukka Juice Vape Juice stands out:

Key Features:

  1. High VG E-liquid Marvel:
  2. Yield in clouds of perfection with our "High VG (Vegetable Glycerin)" formulation. Pukka Juice Vape Juice is a stellar choice for cloud chasers and flavour enthusiasts in the "vape liquid uk" market. Each inhale delivers a smooth, satisfying experience, thanks to the higher VG content.
  3. Vape Juice UK Finest:
  4. Pukka Juice Vape Juice sets the gold standard for quality in the "vape juice uk" landscape. Immerse yourself in the richness of flavours and the smoothness of every hit, carefully crafted for vapers across the UK.
  5. Generous 100ml Bottle for Endless Enjoyment:
  6. Unleash the ultimate vaping pleasure with our "100ml bottle." Pukka Juice Vape Juice ensures you spend more time enjoying and less time refilling, making it the perfect "100ml vape juice" for uninterrupted satisfaction.
  7. Diverse Pukka Juice 100ml Flavours:
  8. Exalt your vaping palate with our wide range of "Pukka juice 100ml flavours." From fruity delights to sweet sensations, Pukka Juice Vape Juice offers an extensive array of choices for discerning vapers.

Benefits of High VG E-liquid:

  1. Clouds Beyond Compare for Vape Mods:
  2. Pukka Juice Vape Juice caters to the demands of "vape mods" users with its high VG content, ensuring dense, billowing clouds that enhance your overall vaping experience.
  3. Smooth Eliquid Bliss:
  4. Enjoy a velvety-smooth inhale with our High VG E-liquid. Pukka Juice Vape Juice delivers a flavor-rich experience without any harshness, making it a top choice for those seeking the epitome of "eliquid" satisfaction.
  5. Optimized for Advanced Kits:
  6. Tailored for "advanced vape mods," Pukka Juice Vape Juice guarantees the perfect balance of power and flavour. Achieve an unparalleled vaping experience with the synergy of advanced kits and our premium e-liquid.

Pukka Juice Shortfill E-Liquid 100ml

  • 70/30 VG:PG
  • 100ml Bottle

frequently asked question About High VG E-liquid 

Q: How long does 100ml of vape juice last?

A: The duration for which 100ml of vape juice lasts can vary depending on several factors. These include the frequency of usage, the type of device being used, and personal vaping habits. On average, a 100ml bottle of vape juice can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks or even longer.

Q: How much nicotine should I put in 100ml of vape juice?

A: The amount of nicotine to add to 100ml of vape juice depends on your personal preference and nicotine tolerance. It is important to note that nicotine levels in vape juice are typically measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Common nicotine strengths range from 0mg/ml (nicotine-free) to 50mg/ml or higher for nicotine salts. It is recommended to start with lower nicotine concentrations if you are new to vaping and gradually adjust based on your needs and preferences.

Q: How many puffs can you get from 100ml of vape juice?

A: The number of puffs you can get from 100ml of vape juice varies depending on several factors, including the type of device, the wattage used, and the duration of each puff. Additionally, individual vaping habits and preferences also play a role. Typically, a 100ml bottle of vape juice can provide hundreds of puffs, but it's challenging to provide an exact number as it varies from person to person.


BrandPukka Juice
E-Liquid TypeShortfill
Bottle Size100ml
Nicotine Strength0mg
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