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Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape

By Elf Bar

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Elf Bar
Puff Count
600 Puff
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Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape

The Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape Pod is a disposable vape device pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid made with nicotine salt with a 20mg nicotine strength. You don't have to add more e-liquid, charge it, or change the pods or coils. To vape, you inhale, making use of the draw activation technology Elf Bar Vape pioneered. The Elf Bar is small and light, which makes it great for travelling, commuting, going out at night, or even as a backup device. With a 550mAh battery, each can last between 500 and 600 puffs.

Note: The number of puffs is an estimate that depends on how long you inhale each time. If you take longer draws, the number of puffs you take will be much lower.

  • Disposable Vape
  • 600 Puff
  • Activated on Inhale
  • 20mg Nicotine Salt
  • LED Puff Indicator


Flavour Profile

A delightfully sweet pure cherry punch. It has a strong exhilirating sweetened cherry tone and nothing else, if you love cherries you'll love this





Throat Hit




Elf Bar Disposable Vape Features Features

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Elf Bar

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105 x 18 x 15 mm

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Puff Count


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Coil Resistance

0.8 Ohm

Leak Free Technology

Say goodbye to leaks and messes with our cutting-edge leak-free technology.

The Elf Bar 600 showcases leak-preventing technology in its sleek design, keeping the e-liquid securely inside. This innovation results in tidier vaping sessions with minimal mess. The device's mouthpiece is designed for comfort, reducing leak problems common in starter kits due to no tank. The ElfBar 600 disposable vape features an LED light to alert you to battery and e-liquid levels, distinguishing it from regular vape kits.

Puff Count

Maximise your enjoyment with up to 600 puffs from a single, compact device.

Engineered for longevity, the Elf Bar 600 delivers up to 600 puffs per device, thanks to its effective management of e-liquid and battery. The considerable puff count comes from balancing e-liquid use with battery life, facilitating all-day usage without the need for a recharge or refill. The 5 for £18 offer ensures you get more vaping enjoyment with fewer replacements.

Longer Lasting Flavour

Delight in consistently vibrant flavours, from the first puff to the last, every time.

Powered by a 550mAh battery, the Elf Bar 600 Blueberry Disposable Vape Pen supports approximately 600 puffs, equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. It is designed to keep the flavour quality high throughout its use. High-grade nic salt e-liquid keeps the taste intense and fresh, countering the usual issue of flavour loss over time. It's available in both 0mg and 20mg nicotine strengths to cater to different needs for nicotine satisfaction or intake reduction.

Draw Activation

Enjoy effortless vaping with our sleek draw-activation technology, no buttons required.

The Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape is user-friendly, thanks to its draw-activated mechanism. Inhaling activates the device, allowing for a rich vaping experience without any button pressing. It's ready to use right out of the box, removing the hassle of refilling tanks, replacing coils, or recharging batteries. This device's small size makes it perfect for vapers on the move, while an LED indicator tracks battery life, signaling when it's time for a replacement.

Elf Bar Vape Calendar

Enjoy different vape flavors each day with our Elf Bar Vape Advent Calendar. It has a variety of simple and tasty options for you to try. From minty to fruity, there's something for everyone. Make your holidays more fun by trying out new flavors and making each day a little more special. Get your Elf Bar Vape Advent Calendar now and have a simple but enjoyable vaping experience this festive season. Get deals with our Elf Bar vape advent calendar.

Box Content

Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape Device
1x Elf Bar 600 Cherry Disposable Vape Device


Question Mark
Are Elf bars stronger than cigarettes?

Analysts say that the Elf Bar 600 has the same amount of calories as 48 cigarettes. It can be used 600 times before it needs to be thrown away. In theory, 12.5 puffs are the same as one cigarette. In the UK, a bottle of e-liquid can only have 2ml of nicotine, which is enough for between 600 and 800 puffs.

Question Mark
How does the Elf Bar 600 compare to other disposable vapes in terms of flavour variety?

The Elf Bar 600 stands out for its extensive range of flavours, from fruity and sweet to menthol and tobacco, offering one of the widest selections available in the disposable vape market to suit various taste preferences.

Question Mark
What type of battery is used in the Elf Bar 600, and is it rechargeable?

The Elf Bar 600 uses a built-in, non-rechargeable battery, specifically designed to last until all the e-liquid is vaporised, typically around 600 puffs, ensuring users enjoy the full potential of the device without the need for recharging.

Question Mark
Is vaping the Elf Bar 600 less harmful than smoking cigarettes?

Vaping products like the Elf Bar 600 are generally considered less harmful than traditional cigarettes because they don't burn tobacco or produce tar and carbon monoxide. However, vaping is not risk-free, and long-term health impacts are still being studied.

Question Mark
Can the Elf Bar 600 be used indoors?

The ability to use the Elf Bar 600 indoors depends on specific venue policies and local regulations. Many places that prohibit smoking also restrict vaping, so it's important to check and adhere to local guidelines.

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