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Type of Tanks


This article is all about different tanks and the coils that work best within them. There are hundreds of different tank variations they fall into one of the two categories. Lets go into more detail about them.

Types of vape tanks

The most important thing to know from the beginning is that the ratio between VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) in your vape liquid will affect your chosen tank's performance. you can find out more about this by reading the Beginners Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping article.

Mouth to lung (MTL) Tanks

Mouth To Lung (MTL) Tanks

 Mouth to Lung tanks (cigarette style) is usually the starting point for most people who are looking to switch from smoking to vaping. The MTL style of tank is perhaps the most popular in the vaping industry and have a similar style of inhaling to smoking a cigarette. This is why people who are kicking the habit of smoking, find they work really well for them and also why they are called "starter kits" or "e cig kits".

The inhale style of a mouth to Lung tank would be that when the e-cigarette is used and you take a puff, the vapour would be taken and held in the mouth before then inhaling into your lungs. This style of vaping tends to work best with MTL tanks as they tend to be used at lower power and will give a harsher throat hit. The throat hit simulates the “feeling of smoking” and depending on the level of nicotine within the e-liquids it can be increased or decreased accordingly. This makes someone's ability to stop smoking so much easier.

The coils within the mouth to Lung tanks would be any atomizer coil that has a resistance of 1.0 ohm (Ω) or above. For example, a 1.8Ω coil would be perfect for someone new to Vape world as this would give a good amount of flavour and vapour whilst allowing them to ease into vaping, so to speak. The tank I would personally recommend would be the Aspire K3 Tank Or Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank which has been on the market for around four years and is still regarded as one of the best, if not the best MTL tank available.

There are a lot of people (who are not new vapers) that prefer to use mouth to Lung tanks as they do not produce as much vapour as a sub ohm tank and are more sociable to use when out and about.

Sub ohm tanks

Direct To Lung (DTL) Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub ohm tanks (DTL) are the number one choice for a huge amount of vapers worldwide, who are constantly searching for one of many things such as, the largest possible tank capacity, the longest coil life possible, the best flavour production and finally, the largest vapour production to name a few.

What Makes a tank sub Ohm?

what makes a tank sub ohm

It really comes down to the resistance of the coil that is inside the tank. If the coil is below 1.0 ohm (Ω), it is considered a Sub-Ohm coil/tank. The coils would need to be used at a higher wattage than MTL coils and due to the two factors of lower resistance and higher power. The coils will heat up quicker and produce more vapour. Needless to say that this would also increase the amount of e liquid vaporized and you will find that you will go through more  e liquid than an MTL tank variant.


When using a sub ohm tank, it is normally advised to reduce the nicotine content in your  e liquid roughly by half compared to the level of nicotine you would use in an MTL tank. For example, I can comfortably use 6mg in an MTL tank however, with a sub ohm tank I would use 3mg of nicotine due to the power increase and the lower resistance. With this, I can achieve roughly the same amount of nicotine intake as I would using double to amount of nicotine in an MTL device based on the increased volume of vapour I inhale.


So now you are equipped with all of the information needed, why not have a look at the selection of Vape Tanks we have here.

If you ever need more information or advice we are always happy to help, so please feel free to send us an email or if it is easier to give our customer services team a ring on 07865262967 and they will be happy to help.