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How to Steep E-Liquid

How to Steep E-Liquid?How to Steep E-Liquid: All you need to know

If you're an experienced vape user or have hung out around experienced vaper or local vape shops, you'll have heard about steeping vape juice.

But mostly people do not know about steeping the reason behind it is that there is lot of misleading terms on the internet or Wikipedia about steeping in the vape world.

If you want to know about Steeping and How to Steep E-Liquid then this is the best article for you. This article will help you understand

  • What is Steeping
  • Why do vapers think Steeping E-Liquid is a good idea?
  • How to Steep E-Liquid?
  • How long does E-Liquid need to steep?
  • Can I steep my E-Liquid for a longer time?
  • Conclusion

What is Steeping?

There are lot of misleading terminologies on internet about steeping but in simple words Steeping refers to the method used to improve the flavour of vape juice.

The steeping method of E-liquids means the method of letting the E-juice flavors to infuse. Steeping may be a misleading term. The particular term should be infusing because its infusing a solid in e-juice to melt it this is often used to achieve better flavour’s.

You can consider steeping to be almost like making tea. You follow simple steps

  • For your morning tea, you'd dip the tea bag into the water.
  • The longer you dipped, or let the tea infuse the higher and stronger it tastes. Similarly, the longer you steep the e-liquid, the stronger the flavour 

 After steeping the e-juice, you'll notice the changes. there's a change in its visibility and also as within the taste. The steeped e-juice looks darker and more flavorful than the standard e-juice. Steeping of e-liquid allows the flavour’s to soak up into the liquid. Before commercial vape liquids are sold into stores, they normally would undergo an equivalent process of steeping.

There are various steeping methods vapers use but before we get into it, we'll mention why vapers steep their e-juice and therefore the effectiveness of it.


Nowadays, most of the people take an interest in steeping vape juice or e-liquids to extend the vaping experience and flavour. Mostly steeping of e-liquid is completed to extend the intensity of the flavour. Steeping reduces the sensation of burning within the lungs or throat. It offers more versatility. If you purchased an e-liquid bottle and it tastes like perfume or chemical, then it’s worth trying to steep it because the flavour may change after every week approximately.

By steeping, you may be ready to remove some or all the negative effects which will help to neutralize the taste. Some people wish to mix flavors before the steeping process, you'll also apply this trick to urge a surprisingly delicious taste.

The majority of the vaping community find that steeping does make a difference as they smooth the rough spots to form the flavour more consistent and profound and mostly people have an interest in exploring the vape community to be aware of its taste and creativity, and that is why they wish to undergo steeping.

How to Steep E-Liquid?

There are different methods available for steeping but keep in mind that specific steeping processes are subjective. everyone features a different taste preference in terms of strength, and every person features a different tolerance level for throat hit. One person may like better to steep quickly, and you'll prefer a slow method for a extended period. Since liquids vary supported ingredient and flavour composition, this adds complexity. The keys to follow the essential time suggestions and steps during this guide, and check your liquid frequently to seek out what suits your tastes.

There are two basic method to steep e-liquid

  • Slow Steeping
  • Fast Steeping

Slow Steeping

This is an easy method to follow, and lots of users say that the wait is worthwhile, you'll need a cool and dark place to stay your vape liquids where they're going to remain undisturbed by others. Exposure to sunlight or heat can ruin the method.

Although some mixologists periodically remove and replace the cap, others say that the result's an equivalent with the cap left on the whole time. Removing the cap, also called breathing, allows the air to assist speed up oxidation.

Shake the bottles once or twice every day, and check them after every week. Fruit flavors and menthol mixtures don't usually need overtime, and you'll find that some fruit flavors are ready after only every week. Some may react poorly to breathing and may lose flavor, which is why you want to always replace the cap quickly if you allow them to breathe before shaking.

Tobacco and dessert flavors may enjoy steeping for about four weeks. With some custards, creams and sophisticated dessert flavors, many users say that the standard improves after two to 3 months of steeping.

Fast Steeping

Accelerated methods use a heat source to assist speed up the steeping process counting on your budget or what you've got.

In most cases, people do not have time for steeping. they cannot await few days to satisfy their cravings. If you're already proud of the flavor, then there's nothing to try, but if you're not satisfied with this, you would like to use some fast-steeping process to form your e-juice flavorful. it's a hot topic among vapers and a topic to debate. So, if you would like to experiment with some new approaches, then follow the below-discussed terms.

  • Warm Bath

A warm bath may be a safe way to speed up the steeping process.

  • Simply heat up a little bowl of water on the stove.
  • Once warm, close up the stove confirm your e-liquid is tightly closed and place your e-liquid within the water.
  • Cover the bowl and await 20 minutes. Then remove your e-liquid, shake your liquid vigorously and remove the cap and let sit for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Repeat these steps until you've got reached your required results.
  • Slow Cooker

Slow cooker also provides an efficient solution to steep an e-liquid. For performing this step. 

  • Fill the slow cooker with water and set the temperature to warm or the lowest setting possible.
  • Then place the bag of your e-liquid inside this and shake the bottle.
  • Leave for a short time then shake and check out the liquid.
  • Magnetic stirrer 

Transfer your e-liquid into an outsized container, preferably a glass one. Then place it on top of the magnetic stirrer and let science do the magic. This method works great, especially if you're creating your own DIY juice.

There are many other “creative” steeping hacks to speed up the method, you'll find all of them online. However, we don’t recommend most of them. Using an electrical dryer or a microwave might sound sort of a good idea in theory, but it’s hard to regulate the temperature.

How long does E-Liquid need to steep?

The time for steeping depends upon various factors. It relies on the taste of people and therefore the flavors included within the juice.

If you would like to steep an e-liquid with a fruity flavor, generally the steeping time is less. For an upscale flavour of fruits, the overall steeping time is about 24 to 48 hours.

But once you have an e-liquid containing tobacco flavour, it'll require longer steeping to reinforce the flavour. It should be about fortnight and sometimes more to steep properly. But what happens once you steep an e-juice for a extended period? Well, to find out about this, let's move to subsequent section.

Can I steep my E-Liquid for a longer time?

You can steep a liquid too long. As noted, before, heat steeping for too long may degrade the nicotine. Also, if you let some fruit flavors and nicotine mixtures steep too long and breathe too long, they will lose their quality and flavour. The key behind to not over-steeping your vape juice is checking it and observing changes. Steeped e liquid is going to be slightly darker than it wants to be. When it darkens, test it to ascertain if it fits your preferences.


Steeping e -juice isn't for everybody but it's highly recommended get the simplest flavour out of your e-liquid. Every flavour is different. Have fun with it, experiment together with your own methods.

You can purchase your favorite E-liquid and keep it in a cool dark closet for a few days to see if this will enhance the taste and maybe you might be surprised by the resulting flavour.

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