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Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking and How To Fix It

Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking and How To Fix It

Most of the new vaping lovers asked a common question, why is my vape tank leaking and how to fix it. We generally recommend getting to know your device thoroughly before using it, both via regular use and by reading the user manual. Cleaning your tank on a daily basis is also strongly suggested, not only to extend its lifespan but also to extract a rich and clear flavor.

One of the most irritating things a vaper can go through is a leaking tank. Unfortunately, because every tank is different in some way, there is no foolproof approach to eliminate leaks from your tank. These leaks may be almost totally removed with careful care, maintenance, and attention.

What's It Mean If Your Vape Is Leaking?

The most common way for e-juice to leak from your tank is through the airflow system. Depending on the source, leaking might range from a few drips of e-liquid to your tank dumping all of its contents all over your vape mod. This is a problem with even the most popular sub-ohm tanks.

In this guide, we'll share several expert guidelines to help you never have to deal with leaking vape juice again.

  • Check Your Coils

Many vape leak issues can be traced back to the device's coils. Most personal vaporizer (PV) brands have proprietary coils that operate well with their devices. Check to make sure you're using the right coils for your device. Also keep in mind that coils aren't designed to last forever. They will need to be changed at some point, and as they begin to weaken after heavy use, vape leaks are likely. Change the coil if you've been vaping on it for a few weeks or over and your vape leaking problems should be resolved. You might even detect a flaw in a brand-new coil every now and again. Every day, millions of vape coils are produced, and an outdated product may find its way into a coil pack. Coils are comparatively cheap to replace, so if your device is leaking frequently, try replacing the coil first.

  • Keep Clean Your Tanks

It's also essential to keep your vape device's lifespan and quality by doing regular maintenance. E-liquid can build up in your vape tank over time and cause problems, one of which is leakage. It's important to clean your device and tank on a regular basis if you want them to keep performing as well as they did the day you bought them. After a period of intensive use, detach your tank and give it a thorough cleaning. Consider giving your tank a deeper clean by washing it in alcohol to remove any built-up liquid while replacing your coils.

  • Fill Up Your Tank Properly

Look for air holes in your top-fill device to discover if your vape tank is leaking. Vape tanks have a maximum fill capacity, and we can't simply fill them up with as much juice as we want. If a tank is overfilled, juice will leak out of the top-fill hole, causing leakage. Keep track of how much juice you're putting into your tank and figure out what the ideal fill level is for your device. If you use too much juice, your vape tank will leak, and if you use too little juice, your coils will dry outside and burned out.

  • Vertically hold your mod

The majority of mods were designed to be utilized vertically. Because they aren't designed to be used in a horizontal posture, some mod brands insert air holes in the top of the tank, while others don't have robust top seals. Vape in various positions to see if you can notice a decrease in leakage by holding your device at a more vertical angle.

  • Check for any cracks

High-quality vape tanks are made of transparent glass and can withstand even the most basic stress and strain. However, if you aren't cautious with your device, the glass on your tank may crack. The break can be so little that you won't notice it until it starts leaking every time you refill your e-liquid. Take a good look at your tank. If your tank does crack, don't panic; most brands provide replacement glass that will have you back to leak-free vaping in no time!

  • Test out Whether Your Seals Are Tight

If the device's pieces aren't screwed in and secured tightly enough, vaporizer leaks can happen. If your vape tank's coil isn't completely screwed in or is cross threaded, for example, juice may leak across a gap or opening. Also, make sure your tank's bottom is screwed in tight into the vape mod's connector to prevent liquid from leaking between the base and the pyrex glass tube.

  • Make Use Of The Right E-Liquid

Depending on nicotine levels, not all vape juices are created equal. Every e-liquid has a PG/VG ratio, which specifies how much propylene glycol is in the juice versus how much vegetable glycerin is in the juice. PG-based juices are often thinner and leak a little more than VG-based juices. If you're using a high-PG juice, consider switching to one with a greater VG content to see if it helps with vape liquid leaks.

  • Traveling with an empty tank

If you're going on a trip and need to carry your device, make sure it's empty. E-liquid bottles are thicker and better sealed than regular bottles, makes them perfect for transporting e-liquid. Vape tanks, on the other hand, feature air openings that can cause leakage. Moreover, if your device moves around too much in your luggage, it can crack the tank, causing the flavor of your favorite e-liquid to contaminate everything around it.

The Final Step in Fixing a Leaky Tank

Finally, relax. It's not the end of the world if some e-liquid leaks. However, we all want the finest vaping experience possible, and issues such as juice leakage can ruin an otherwise enjoyable experience. Consider updating your tank if you truly want to avoid leakage issues.

I hope by reading this blog your problem of why is my vape tank leaking and how to fix it, can be resolved.

Are there any other suggestions for minimizing vape juice leakage? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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