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What Is The Purpose Of A Vape Chip?

What Is The Purpose Of A Vape Chip?

The brain of your box mods is vape chips. Mod chips, which were originally created to keep vapers safe, have grown into their own sector in recent years. The newest chips can increase the quality of your vapor, making your vaping experience more enjoyable, and even extend the life of your battery.

We'll go through What Is the Purpose of a Vape Chip? In this article, you'll learn why regulated box mods contain chips in the first place, as well as why you should never buy an unregulated box mod. We'll also show you some of the amazing things that today are vape chips can perform, as well as the differences between the different chips available.

First Priority Safety:  Why Does Every Box Mod Need A Chip

Box mods of the initial periods of vape lacked any kind of safety cutoff. It was not uncommon for them to be little more than a battery case connected to an atomizer via wire.

In the early 2000s, uncontrolled or "mechanical" box mods, often known as unsophisticated first-generation devices, were highly dangerous. Using the incorrect coil, charging your batteries too much, or even holding the fire button down too long might cause your box mod to overheat, short circuit, and even explode without warning. Using this kind of vaping was extremely risky, and it was not recommended for the majority of people who vape.

As a result of these concerns, vape companies started including a safety chip in their box mods. If you tried to turn off the power to your box mod, these safety chips would shut it down...

  • Vape at a low enough voltage to keep your vape safe
  • The batteries have been overcharged.
  • Too much time spent pressing the firing button
  • Build a dangerously low-resistance sub-ohm coil.

Regulated box mods are box mods that include safety chips pre-installed, and they quickly became the industry standard. Almost every box mod sold in the UK these days is a regulatory box mod (in fact, it's the only sort of box mod we offer), and the chips themselves are quite sophisticated.

The Most Modern Vape Chips Are Full Of Amazing Things

Putting safety concerns aside, there are several compelling reasons to purchase a mod with a top-of-the-line chip. Advanced chips are more efficient, create greater taste, and reduce the likelihood of a burned hit. The following are some of the features of an excellent vape chip:

  • Tracking: modern vape chips can analyze everything on a real-time basis, including battery power to coil temperatures and wattage/voltage, and display the results on the box mod's screen. Some box mod chips can even keep track of how many vape pulls you've had in a day, which is useful if you're trying to quit smoking.
  • Temperature Control (TC): Your coil gets a little hotter each time you ignite your vaporizer. Temperature Control vaping chips monitor the heat generated by your coil, compute the wattage required to maintain that temperature, and fine-tune your wattage setting while you vape.
  • Technical Vaping Modes: Some chips feature Eco Option (which lets you to obtain 10 to 15% more draws from each battery), Stealth Mode, and other technical vaping modes in additional to TC mode. Replay Mode (which remembers your optimal wattage/voltage), and more. Pulsing Mode is our favorite, where you simply hold your thumb over the fire button and the coil emits frequent ‘pulses' of heat.
  • Response Time: Whether you're using a TC mod or an advanced vaping mode, your vape chip has to be able to reply as soon as possible to what's going on in your coil, which is why system response is so crucial in a vape chip. You'll need a super-fast CPU to calculate the ideal power settings in a fraction of a second.
  • Fun: You don't need to be able to modify the color of your box mod's flashing LED trim, nor do you need to be able to customize the widgets and brightness of the screen... But it's a lot of fun to do! Some box mod chips let you to customize your box mod with unique text, but we've also seen an e-cigarette display with a pre-loaded computer game.

Which Box Mod Chip Is The Best?

There are no two chips that are exactly alike. Each vape chip is designed for a certain vaping style, budget, and battery configuration. Vape makers have created their own chip technology and pre-installed it in the box mod, so you don't 'select,' as you do your coil or your e-liquid, a chip. Even if you don't plan on buying a new box mod anytime soon, it's still something to keep in mind.

  • DNA Chip:

DNA is an unmatched chip at the very top end of the market, because to its quick ramping time and amazingly vaping modes. The DNA chipset's most well-known feature is its Replay Mode setting, which allows you to remember the exact temperature, voltage, and wattage parameters of your ideal vape and reproduce it whenever you want. The latest Lost Vape box mods have DNA chips (Lost Vape are also using it in their Orion Q Pod Device).

  • Gene Chip:

Over the years, VooPoo has worked hard on its ultra-fast high-performance GENE chip, which is now being likened to DNA by many in the industry. The Drag X Plus (a fantastic novice box mod), the rugged and durable Drag 2 Platinum TC, and the battery-agnostic VooPoo X Woody Vape are just a few of VooPoo's finest mods utilizing GENE chips. If you like VooPoo modifications, you'll probably enjoy the GENE chipset as well!

  • Axon Chip:

Vaporesso's AXON chip is a clever, useful workhorse that squeezes every last drop of juice out of your battery. It comes with a nicely balanced Eco Mode and a 0.2-second Pulse Mode as standard. The AXON chip is so effective for single-battery mods (like the Vaporesso Forz) that Vaporesso uses it in every size of their Extreme edition.

  • AS Chip:

Geekvape's AS chipset grows progressively better every year, with a super-fast CPU and large, bold screen capabilities! Geekvape's Aegis Legend and Aegis X models use the latest version of the AS chip, but AS technology also powers their sleek, durable Aegis Max and single-battery Aegis Solo.

  • YiHi Chip

YiHi is known for being one of the most user-friendly premium chips available. While the YiHi chip doesn't have as many unique options as the DNA chip, it's a very precise, responsive device that gives most vapers ample control and transparency.

What Should You Do If The Chip Is Damaged?

Check the batteries and atomizer if you believe the chip in your MOD is damaged. If the battery and atomizer are in excellent working order, the chip can be replaced. You may also repair the board, but this is dangerous since you can damage it.

That's all there is to vape chips! I hope this article what is the purpose of a vape Chip? It’s useful to select the appropriate box mod.

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