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What Causes Your Vape To Spitting, Popping And Gurgling

What Causes Your Vape To Spitting, Popping And Gurgling?

Spitting, popping, and gurgling are all common problems for vapers of all levels. There are fixes to the gurgling noise that feels like an old-fashioned steam train leaving the station, so don't worry. With some simple techniques, you'll be back to vaping with a better sound when you inhale.

Sub-Ohm vapers who demand more e-liquid in their tank at a higher temperature are more likely to experience this. It can also happen with vape pens and the uncommon vape pod. Nobody enjoys getting hot e-liquid in their tongue instead of vapor, depending on their skill level.

This blog will explain What Causes Your Vape To Spitting, Popping, And Gurgling? and deliver you with all of the information you need to avoid making this common fault. Ability to understand why your vape may pop and spit e-liquid, as well as a few simple fixes, will save you not only time, but also money and extra trouble.

Why Is Your Vape Spitting And Popping?

When it comes to vaping, we've all been there. Heat your e-liquid can generate a similar impact to when water in your kettle comes to a boil - bubbling over the surface and sometimes into your mouth. It's not at all enjoyable! The biggest issue arises when the liquid reaches the middle of the coil, or even worse, the mouthpiece, and does not transform into vapour.

However, spitting and popping from your vape can be caused by many different factors. This can be caused by a low wattage vape device, which prevents the e-liquid from heating up properly, or by over-priming your coil. When you overload your wick (simple organic cotton) with too much e-liquid, this happens. Another reason is that the airflow is blocked by water that occurs as a result of vapour condensation. This travels from the tank to the mouthpiece via overall perceptions as the 'chimney.'

As you can see, there are a number of causes for your vape to pop and spit. But don't worry; we've got a few good choices. Here are a few options for resolving the problem and getting back to what you do best.

What Is The Cause Of The Gurgling Sound?

If you hear a noise you haven't heard before, it might be off-putting and slightly alarming, just like when you hear a sound you haven't heard before in an automobile. You can flood your coil in the same way you would an engine. When your vaporizer starts gurgling, you're expecting the worst. Because you're working with an electronic device that has a heat source and a liquid, you can expect a response. When there is too much e-liquid in a device, not all of it will boil in order to produce the vapour required for inhalation. Because all of these pieces are working together, a little crackling is normal while you vape. When the gurgling sounds gets louder and louder, you should take action right away. What happens is that you receive a cracked coil that needs to be replaced.

Before clicking the fire button or initiating the draw automatic from the mouthpiece anytime you top up your e-liquid, ensure sure all pieces are tight in securely.

Techniques For Resolving The Problem

Although it may seem to be a difficult effort, there are several fast fixes that can help you maintain a consistent and delightful vaping experience. Here are some of our top techniques:

  • Make sure you don't overfill your tank! Coil leakage will result as a result of this. Simply allow some space at the top to allow for any potential hazards.
  • If you've a full tank, another useful trick is to put some tissue over it while keeping the mouthpiece attached and puff a few strong exhales. Other methods involve switching the vape on its side and blowing into it, increasing the wattage (if it has one), and vaping the right side up while inhaling into the mouthpiece while pushing the fire button. 
  • Choose an e-liquid with a lower Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio. It will be light if the PG level is too high, resulting in that unpleasant cracking sound. This is caused by too much e-liquid overloading your device. Vaping at a high wattage with a Sub-Ohm device is recommended, with a 70 percent VG to 30 percent PG ratio, which is a perfect ratio for not only greater clouds and temperature but also reducing the chances of extra e-liquid getting into your mouth. Even if you have the appropriate ratio, if your vapour output starts to drop, it's a clear sign that you're overflowing the coil.
  • Set the wattage in keeping with the coil's instructions, especially in the correct range but not beyond it. Move up the ladder in 5-10W steps to see if you can lessen the gurgling sound and spitting.
  • To keep the device free of extra e-liquid, keep it clean, particularly the tank and coil.
  • To get the most flavour out of your e-liquid, make sure you take short, sharp inhalations. This will give the e-liquid enough time to heat up and turn into vapour. Also, make sure you're inhaling correctly; learn everything there is to know about MTL and DTL here.
  • Reduce the airflow vent as needed, depending on the wattage you vape at. More e-liquid will leak into the coil if you leave it too open. However, do not totally stop the airflow because this will prevent direct lung vaping. Basically, you want to find a happy middle level.

Is Spit Back From E-Liquids Dangerous?

We all know that vaping e-liquid is a far healthier option than smoking cigarettes. Public Health England (PHE), the NHS, and Cancer Research UK all publish annual reports on the subject that confirm this.

All e-liquids includes vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, sweeteners, and nicotine (also available nicotine-free), however only the latter is present in cigarettes. Although it is an addictive drug, according to the Public Health England, "electronic cigarettes pose no danger of smoking poisoning to smokers." As a result, any amount of e-liquid spit back having all of the components in your vape will not cause bodily harm, no matter how large or small.


Because vaping has been evolving for more than years, the industry will continue to develop new technology and inventions to aid vapers, such as the "anti-spit back drip tip." The sound of gurgling or spitting heated e-liquid in your mouth does not appeal to new vapers or even experienced vapers. However, now that you have this guide and a few techniques up your sleeve, you'll be able to overcome some of the most typical issues that vapers have.

A little vape care, such as picking the proper e-liquids and changing the wattage as needed, will not only help you find the optimal level to vape, but also provide a cleaner and safer inhalation. Hopefully, this concise overview to "What Causes Your Vape To Spitting, Popping, And Gurgling?" will prove useful. If you have any additional queries concerning the device you've chosen spitting, popping, or gurgling, don't hesitate to contact a member of the WizVape customer support team.

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