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Vaping Guide During Lockdown

Vaping Guide During Lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly had an impact on everyone’s life. The most serious of these has been the nationwide lockdown, which has forced many businesses to close and has resulted in a greater number of people working from home and isolating themselves. We live in an uncertain world, where even going to the store to buy anything requires careful planning. With your local vape shop closed, you may be wondering if you will be able to get supplies and avoid the temptation to go back to smoking.

As a result, we have seen an increase in online shopping, with businesses encouraged to provide their customers with a digital platform to ensure they can still receive goods and services. We have put together this helpful guide to give you tips and advice on how to avoid running out of supplies and how to vape politely during lockdown.

Why Are Vaping Lockdown Tips Important?

In the grand scheme of things right now, an article about making the most of your vaping experience may seem a little insignificant. The vast majority of today's vapers used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. This means that they have replaced their smoking habit with a much less harmful vaping hobby. If their access to vaping is restricted for whatever reason, it stands to reason that many will revert to smoking. Although physical vaping stores are closed, supermarkets that sell tobacco cigarettes are not. It is now more important than ever to make sure that everyone has access to e juice and vaping equipment.

Running out of vaping supplies will also make you bored, irritable, and upset, which you don't want to add to the stress of being isolated and removed from your normal pre-Covid work, home, and social routines. That is why this is crucial. Some of tips are.

Make Sure You Stock Up

With physical vape shops closing, our user base has more than doubled in a short period of time, as it has in the past. People are buying more than they would normally because they are vaping more than they would normally, and they are, of course, stocking up. Stop and shake your head while you're stockpiling toilet paper and baked beans from your nearest store. Purchasing vaping materials, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. Right now, our supply lines and deliveries are all running smoothly. Due to the unprecedented demand, there may be some minor delays, but there is sufficient stock. However, keep in mind that things in the UK and around the world change on a regular basis. Since supply will be disrupted at some stage, it's worth making sure you have enough e-liquids and everything else you'll need stored up ahead of time.

Make Sure to Maintain Your Devices

Taking care of your electronic cigarettes is more critical now than ever. Clean your e-cigarette on a regular basis and keep an eye on the amount of e-liquid in your tank (it is never a good time for a burnt coil). If you spend more time at home than usual, the chances are that you will vape more. As a result, your batteries would most likely need to be charged more often. You can read a detail blog on How to maximize Battery life.

Try Something New

This may be an excellent opportunity to try something different. If you are already a high-VG vaper who enjoys large vape clouds, you may want to investigate sub-ohm vaping. If you've been using the same types of e-liquids for a long time, now is the time to branch out.

If you have been wanting to try your hand at vaping rebuildable, having extra time on your hands can be a blessing in disguise. Will you be able to make your own coils? It's now or never to find out.

Learn More About Vaping

It's incredibly simple to get started with vaping. With plug-and-play basic starter kits and now vaping pods, only a basic understanding of vaping is needed. This may be an excellent opportunity to learn more about various types of vaping, helpful hints, global vaping news, and more. Who knows, you could emerge from lockdown with a whole new collection of vaping-related skills. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet up with other vapers. You can ask questions, exchange stories, read reviews, and so on in a variety of forums and vaping blog posts.

Vaping Hygiene During Coronavirus

It is, of course, important to keep your vaping equipment clean and well-maintained. It is more critical than ever to keep things clean in these odd times.

  • When vaping, keep your hands away from your face and mouth. Before and after vaping, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use an antibacterial gel or spray.
  • Clean your vaping device from outside on a daily basis.
  • Clean your coils with rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean your tank by running hot water through it (when appropriate).
  • Do not share your e cigarette with anyone else under any circumstances.
  • Adopt a general attitude of "the cleaner, the better." This will also benefit your vaping pleasure, as a clean and well-maintained e cigarette will always generate more vapor and work more efficiently.

Vaping Etiquette During Lockdown

During lockdown, you can discover that you are not alone, as you share close quarters with your family or housemates. This is not necessarily a bad thing because a lack of human interaction will intensify feelings of loneliness, but some of us may thrive on our own. If you live with others, you can need to adjust your vaping habits slightly to be more considerate of those around you, particularly in communal areas like the kitchen or living room. If you have or live with children, try to vape out of sight of them and make every attempt to keep your kit and e-liquids out of reach and sight of them while not in use.

If you vape outside, try to extend the same courtesy to others they may not have the same knowledge as you and may be suspicious of vaping. Maintain a two-meter space between yourself and other members of the public and be cautious when vaping to stop people walking by or around you. Distancing has been shown to reduce contamination spread and reduce the likelihood of blowing a plume of vapor in the direction of an unwary person or community.

If you have been infected with Coronavirus, you can experience respiratory symptoms, including shortness of breath. In extreme cases like this, we suggest that you stop vaping and wait for the symptoms to go away. There are a variety of short-term solutions available use nicotine gum and patches.

Where Can I Get Vape Supplies During Lockdown?

Your nearest vape shop can be closed for an extended period of time, and you won’t be able to wait so long. Of course, there are alternatives, as many supermarkets now sell vape kits and e-liquid. The problem is that their product lines are typically small, so you won't be able to find your favorite brand's flavor preferences, nor will you be able to find coils or pods for your specific package. Supermarkets can be helpful in a hurry, but they are not a long-term solution. There's also the possibility that leaving the house puts you in danger, particularly when there's the option of doing your shopping online.

When it comes to purchasing and shipping, online retailers like WizVape are dedicated to providing a prompt and efficient service. We also have a large selection of  e-liquid, vape kits, and replacement coils available.

WizVape has seen a significant rise in the number of orders it receives as an online retailer. But don't worry, we have a huge stockpile and continue to receive e-liquid and hardware deliveries on a regular basis. However, the welfare of our employees and customers is paramount to us, and while all office-based employees who can work from home are doing so, we have incorporated all of the government's recommended health and safety measures, as well as a few extras, in the warehouse to keep everybody safe.

We recommend that you plan ahead of time for your orders and, in certain situations, order a little more than you think you'll need to account for any unexpected delays. Our customer support team is available to assist you remotely; however, we recommend that you send them an email at if you have any  other question you can Contact Us our team will be happy to assist you.

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