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Vaping At Advanced Levels: How Do You Select The Best Battery For RDA

Vaping At Advanced Levels: How Do You Select The Best Battery For RDA?

The majority of advanced vape mods make use of rechargeable, removable batteries. There are various types available, and some vapers have been known to select the incorrect one, which can have a significant impact on performance. There are aspects that many people overlook when selecting a battery, such as your amp discharge rate, which is often difficult to find but makes a significant difference in the performance of your device. Most batteries will state their Amp discharge rate on the packaging or booklet, but if not, you can easily check online at either the store's website.

The battery is a vital part of vaping at advanced levels, how do you select the best battery for RDA? The most important thing is to find the right battery for your device.

How Do You Select Best RDA/RTA Battery?

You'll almost certainly be using outer batteries unless you're using a pocket-sized vape pen or other starter kits that come with built-in batteries.

  • 18650 - A throwback to flashlight torch batteries for the millennial generation, these are found in the greater part of mods. The numbers simply represent the size of the object. The battery's way of explaining "I'm cylindrical" is 18mm diameter, 65mm height, and a "0." Despite their carelessness, these are powerful, long-lasting heavyweights used for one reason: to deliver.
  • 26650- Less common and differentiated by being slightly wider than 18650s, these (surprise) have a diameter of 22mm and a height of 65mm. Although not many models use 26650 batteries, they are used in some joy and Aspire devices.

The cathode, anode, and electrolyte are the three components of a lithium-ion battery. The cathode is the component that gives each type its distinct personality.

The vast majority of vape batteries are lithium ion, the same type that powers your phone, laptop, wireless power tools, and that remote control car you don't have. However, there are several various kinds of lithium-ion batteries.

  • Lithium IMR, also known as Li-Mn, is a type of lithium (Lithium Manganese). Because manganese is awesome, these are high-drain batteries. Manganese enables batteries to discharge at a high current while remaining cool. Safety is also a plus, as it does not necessitate substantial built-in protective circuitry. These are the most popular and recommended type right now.
  • Lithium ICRa.k.a.C for Cobalt Lith, These batteries are nearly obsolete, but they still have this same "Big Boys" image. They have the maximum specific energy of any 18650 battery—at a price. They're hazardous to use. Few come with internal protective circuitry, so you'll have to look for it elsewhere if you want it. 

How Do You Choose The Best Rebuildable Vape Atomizer?

There are various versions available to suit various vaping styles, and it's easy to pick the wrong one. Before purchasing, make sure to check the following:

  1. What is the maximum number of vape coils that a Rebuildable atomizer can hold?

 Smaller Rebuildable may only hold one coil, which may be insufficient for those seeking large clouds and a direct-to-lung experience.

  1. Is it possible to use any Vape Coil build?

Complex coil builds are frequently larger in order to meet higher wattages/temperatures. It's always a good idea to double-check the dimensions of the build deck and the terminal holes to ensure compatibility.

Personally, I find that the 0.6 Ohm Coil Art Premade Kanthal works well across the board; it’s a simple, mid-resistance build that achieves the perfect balance of cloud and flavor. When inserting a coil into your RDA, make sure to perform additional safety checks and that the resistance reading on your ohms reader matches the probable ohm resistance of your coil within a 10 % margins.

How Do You Choose The Best Rebuildable Vape Atomizer Coils?

Premade coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes; it's critical that you choose the right type for your vaping style as well as one that will fit into our RDA. DIY coils are inconvenient in terms of purchasing the necessary trimming equipment as well as the need to perform additional safety checks to determine if it is safe to perform.

When using standard rebuilds, you must consider the size of your deck as well as the size of the holes in the posts. Compact RDAs, such as the Digiflavor ETNA, use smaller single strand coils rather than larger complex builds.

Larger RDAs, such as the Wotofo Warrior, have larger post devices for larger and more exotic coil builds.

How Do You Choose The Best E-Liquid For Rebuildable Atomizers?

A large percentage of RDA vapers continue to use the incorrect e-liquid for their device. The most common blunder is selecting a high nic e-liquid, which when vape in an RDA produces an overpowering throat hit that can be quite unpleasant. When dripping, we generally suggest not exceeding 6mg nicotine strength.

Short fill e-liquids are frequently used with rebuildable atomizers; they are typically high VG e-liquids with a VG content of 70% or higher. They are intended to have a nicotine health boost added to them in order to increase their nicotine content from 0mg to 1mg.

If you don't want to add nicotine to your e juice, we recommend adding a shot of flavorless, 0mg e-liquid to your short fill so you can keep using it with your rebuildable atomizer. For best results, match the VG content of your e-liquid to the VG content of your booster shot.

How Can You Safely Store Vape Batteries?

  1. Use The Right Charger At All Times - most steam stylos and starter kits come with a charger. You may have more choices when it comes to charging when you buy a more advanced device. You can't use an old micro-USB loader if your device is compliant with micro-USB charging. Use your device's own one. If you're not aware of that, please ask. Always use a especially compatible charger for your device.
  2. Always Use The Appropriate Batteries - We've talked about this a lot, but if you're still unsure, ask. Our team knows everything there is to know about batteries. They'll gladly tell you which ones are the best.
  3. Never Recycle Batteries - Lithium-ion batteries lose their charge over time if they are not used. They can become harmful to use or charge below a certain point. These should not be recycled.
  4. Damaged Battery Wraps Are A Hazard, so keep an eye out for nicks or scratches. Check your batteries on a regular basis. It's time to call it a day if you notice any peeling, nicks, or scratches.
  5. Batteries Should Never Be Exposed To High Temperatures - Batteries should never be exposed to severe heat or cold don’t leave them out in the sun if it's over 30 degrees.
  6. Carry No Loose Batteries In Your Pocket - this is the leading cause of mishaps. A spark can be caused by batteries rubbing against loose coins or keys.


As a result, the demand for your vape battery of choice grows with each new mod released! I hope this blog will help you to Select The Best Battery For RDA. For more information contact us.

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Keiron - June 6, 2023

Some advice would be good,I’m looking at buying the arcane 13 rda but the site I purchase my vape products says this rda is only for vape sports and has not been designed for e liquid containing nicotine is this true,any suggestions as to what rda can be used with e liquid containing nicotine would be great thanks

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