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Upgrading The Vaping Set

Upgrading The Vaping Set

So you've had your vape device for a few months and you're now comfortable building and rebuilding it, as well as testing with various set-ups. You've apparently done some internet research and came across some of the popular vape superstars performing tricks and giving out free vaping instructions on social media by now.

You've decided it's time to upgrading the vaping set you're currently using, or you think there are so many high-tech vaping devices out there that is not a discomfort to try them. And you are correct. The electronic cigarette market is continually upgrading and adding new features, from sub-ohm tanks to variable wattage batteries.

You're now ready to advance to the level of skilled vapers, and you'll need the equipment to go with your personality. Wiz vape allows you to shop for your new vaping device by brand, or you can continue reading to view some of the top-of-the-tabs.

Vaping Upgrades You Should Consider Making

Here are the numerous features you should get your hands on right now if you want to move to the next level in your vaping adventure.

  • The Box Mod

The most important of your new vape upgrades will be the box mod. It will serve as a basis for all of your subsequent upgrades. There are hundreds of box mods available now, but they all express many features. For example, most box mods now include temperature control software that allows you to customize your vape via a small LED screen.

Furthermore, box mods usually come with a large selection of high-capacity batteries, allowing you to enhance your vape life by hours as you go about your day. Box mods are also available in a variety of prices and styles, so keep an eye out for one that fits both your budget and your hands.

  • Upgrade Battery

Most ex-heavy smokers are unsatisfied with a 600 mAh battery because it will not last a full day of intense vaping. As a result, they are always carrying two batteries and charging one while using the other or vaping managed switch while working on the computer.

You should be interested in the amount of power the selected battery can carry when it comes to the number of puffs inhaled. Batteries are judged by milliamp-hours (mAh) and it's usually safe to suppose that you can take approximately 1 hour of time for every 100 mAh. The discharge can depend on the level of use or the resistance/ability.

  • Features Of The New Battery

We presently have advanced batteries to go beyond your long-term vaporization requirement. The Temperature Controller and up to 50W vapor power have been installed to make the VTube 5.0 possible for use with the latest sub-ohm tanks. The atomizer is capable of fire up to 0.2 ohm and provides a smooth and yet intense vapor experience. The E2R Digital Display provides all of the vaping specifications such as battery life, wattage set-up, voltage output, atomization strength and even a re-set able puff counter in real time.

Temperature Control + TCR, the most advanced technology in the vaping industry, is included in the Reliant 75W. It has two firing modes for precise vaping: temperature control and wattage. The Reliant also provides charging flexibility: remove the rechargeable 18650 battery or use the USB Pass-Through Charging to charge your battery while using the device.

  • The Sub-ohm Tank

The sub-ohm tank is what surely changes the way you vape. The sub-ohm mod, which sits on top your brand new vape pen upgrades, has a significant impact on the size of the vapor clouds you produce and the flavor of your vape. A sub-ohm tank allows your coils to heat up more quickly, vaporizing your e-liquids more effectively and economically.

Sub-ohm tanks typically have large liquid capacities to facilitate the larger batteries in your box mod. They also manage the flow of air and offer you more control over the match on your device. Don't miss getting a new drip tip to match your new tank.

  • Tanks With New Features

The Portal Tank ensures that you always have enough e-liquid on hand – 3ml of your favorite brand. The two-part tank is designed to be fully packed with little to no leakage, and the All-in-one coils are designed to be quickly replaced without any trouble. The 0.5-ohm coil comes pre-installed for your comfort and is ideal for higher VG liquids, while the extra 1.0-ohm coil is ideal for higher PG liquids. In terms of appearance, the Ultra-Durable Rubberized Coating provides excellent hand feel and a no-slip grip while protecting the Portal from scratching and dirt wipes right off.

  • The Atomizer

The atomizer you select will make it possible with your new sub-ohm tank. This is the vape pen upgrade that will change the way you build coils for the rest of your life. The right atomizer will give you more than enough room to test with and will open up a whole new range of opportunity for you to try all of those productive builds you see on the internet.

To meet your degree of satisfaction, you can choose from a variety of different pre-built atomizers as well as Rebuildable atomizers.

  • The Coils

What do you know the coils in your device? Now is the time to get back to work with the specific details. The type of coils you use can affect almost every aspect of your vape. Choosing the right coils is critical for everything from the clarity of the flavor to the number of vapors produced.

  • The Custom Vape Juice

The final component of the ultimate vape is the use of your own custom vape juice. Sure, there are thousands of flavors already available, but there are millions of ways to combine those flavors to create something uniquely yours. You can even change the way your liquid flows through your device when you make your own vape juice.

Wiz Vape create your own functionality allows you to combine two to three different liquids to create a recipe that you'll love. You can also change the PG/VG ratio of your liquid as well as the nicotine strength. If you're feeling particularly daring, you can purchase all of the ingredients separately and learn to mix your own liquids at home with the guidance of the online vapor community.

  • Buy A Brand-New Kit

If upgrading just your current battery isn't a choice for you, or you're concerned that they won't work well together, we suggest investing in an advanced kit.

The Apollo Reliant 75W Starter Vape Kit includes the above-mentioned Reliant 75W Mod + Phazer Tank. The Reliant Kit puts total control in your hands and includes everything you'll need, from the battery and tank to the charging cable, coils, and battery charger, as well as your favorite e-liquid.


You now have all the information you need to join the ranks of expert vapers all over the world. Begin with a new box mod and complete your setup with a sub-ohm tank and atomizers that will give you the upper hand. Then, to achieve the ultimate vape, take on the challenge of wrapping new coils and making your own e-juice.

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