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Tips For Care And Maintenance Of Your Vaporizer

Tips For Care And Maintenance Of Your Vaporizer

Your vaporizer, like anything else you use on a regular basis, should be properly maintained and kept clean. While the frequency with which you clean your vaporizer varies on how often it is used, we recommend cleaning your vape once a week for regular users.

Make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth, to stay on track. While it may not be the most enjoyable task in the world, it is critical to keep the device in good working order and deliver clean, purified vapor.

We'll explain some tips for care and maintenance of your vaporizer.

What Is The Purpose Of Cleaning My Vaporizer?

Cleaning your vaporizer is an important part of extending the life of your device. The days of herbal waste are over! Anything you try to vape will generate poor pulls if your vaporizer is unclean and blocked. No way! Not on our watch!

By cleaning it and removing dirt from its route, you can double the life of your screens and hardware while getting more out of the items you're vaping. Many first-time vape purchasers ignore the cleaning kit, but getting one with your purchase will save you time and money once you start using it.

Furthermore, if you frequently share your vaporizer with others, you should clean the mouthpiece to stop the spread of germs. If you're a caring, sharing type of person, having some handy cleansing wipes to zap away bacteria is always a safe choice.

Fortunately, Vapium vaporizers come with their own cleaning brushes, as well as all the other supplies you'll need to get started.

When Should Your Vaporizer Be Cleaned?

The puffs from a brand-new vaporizer will undoubtedly feel smooth, velvety, and sweet for the first few months. However, if dust and other particles gather along the routes, the vapor quality will degrade, sometimes substantially.

Cleaning your e-cigarette does not have to take as much time as you might think? It should be cleaned once a month at the very least, but regular users should clean it more frequently, perhaps once a week. A fast clean will keep your vaporizer operating at peak performance, free of built-up dust and resin unpleasantness.

Some Factors That Your Vape Needs To Be Cleaned Are

  • There are symptoms of resins accumulation.
  • The gadget is having difficulty creating vapor, or the channel appears to be blocked.
  • Harder pulls are required to obtain the normal effect.

How Should I Maintain My Vape?

Cleaning and routine maintenance are your first line of protection in keeping your device in peak working condition. We have produced this short guide to help guide you through these processes, which you can refer to at your convenience.

1st Tip: Inspect Your Device Carefully

The first step in properly maintaining your vaporizer is to thoroughly inspect it. Similarly, to proper auto maintenance, a mechanic must first thoroughly inspect the vehicle to properly assess the problem. Look for places that could be improved, from the vaporizer's outside to its internal performance. Although this may seem to be very simplistic, it is critical to ensuring a better experience and a longer life for your device.

2nd Tip: Clean Your Vaporizer

After you've thoroughly inspected your device, give it a nice wipe down. In this case, rubbing alcohol on a cloth or a sanitizing wipe seemed to work extremely effectively. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, reducing the possibility of moisture damaging the device's electrical components. Concentrate on the areas where you notice the most build-up and make sure you've cleaned as much of the junk as possible. Dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and use it as a tool to access those hard-to-reach locations for the tighter nooks and crannies.

 Once done, clean the device with a microfiber towel to reveal its sparkling brilliance and remove any excess alcohol. It is crucial to note that you must completely evaporate and/or remove the alcohol before using your vaporizer to avoid any type of combustion once the battery is turned on.

3rd Tip: Pay Special Attention To Connection Points

The connection points on your device are the most important to keep clean, and they are also one of the most common areas for dust and dirt to accumulate. Because the tank is located above the device's connector, little leaks and evaporated e-juice can cause a residual build-up of material. A buildup of junk on the connector will impair your gadget's electrical conductivity, resulting in a faulty device.

After thoroughly cleaning your connectors, double-check their placement to ensure that they are positioned correctly. Most devices, including tanks, include adjustable spring-loaded contact pins. These pins will occasionally stick in a contacted state, preventing them from engaging one another. If you find this, carefully reposition the contact pin upward using a little flat-head screwdriver.

4th Tip: Switch Your Focus To Your Battery

First and foremost, it is critical that your batteries constantly have a charge level greater than 50%. The reason for this is that a low battery may not provide enough power to your atomizer coil, thus reducing your smoking experience. If you've charged your battery but still feel that your vaporizer isn't working properly, it's time to replace it.

Contrary to popular belief, all rechargeable batteries, regardless of chemistry, have a finite lifetime. That is, the battery will lose its ability to keep a charge after a given period of time. You must now dispose of the old batteries and acquire new ones. This is an important step in appropriate device maintenance that is sometimes forgotten or ignored by vapers.

5th Tip: Inspect Your Atomizer Coil

In addition to the measures outlined above, atomizer coil replacement is a key component of effective device maintenance. Many vapers have the false idea that as long as the coil is vaporizing the e-liquid, it is safe to use. However, this is incorrect and can lead to not only a bad vaping experience but also to health problems.

Final Thoughts

The great majority of atomizer coils are outfitted with wicking material, typically cotton that absorbs e-juice and feeds it to the atomizer coil to be vaporized. After a week or so, the cotton will begin to accumulate liquid build-up. Furthermore, the coil's quick heating and cooling will burn the cotton. Both of these events will significantly reduce the cotton's ability to absorb e-juice, reducing your vaporizer's ability to give a satisfying hit. Furthermore, burnt cotton may emit carcinogens that are toxic to inhale.

Even though your atomizer coil appears to be performing properly, proper vaporizer maintenance entails changing it on a regular basis. The frequency with which the coil should be changed is determined by your vaping habits as well as the type of e-liquids you use; generally, a good rule of thumb is 7 to 10 days. We hope all these tips for care and maintenance of your vaporizer will solve your problem if you have any further query you can ask us.

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