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Review Of The Riptide Ripstick Starter Kit

Review Of The Riptide Ripstick Starter Kit

The Riptide Ripstick is an electronic cigarette starting kit meant to assist you in quitting smoking. It's a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard that allows you to keep going till you reach your destination.  Ripstick Riptide has intended for MTL (Mouth to Lung) vapers. The Ripstick limits the amount of vaping you can do in one go, resulting in a tighter pull, less cloud buildup, and a method that closely resembles inhaling cigarette smoke. It features a tight automated draw that may yet be suitable for moderate Direct to Lung Vapour (DTL) devices. This is primarily due to the mouthpiece size.

In this Review of the Riptide Ripstick Starter Kit, we examine all of the essential information and features that the pod provides vapers.

Additional Information

The Ripstick Starter Kit offers a totally tobacco-free vaping experience. NicTech employs advanced tobacco-free nicotine technologies. The advent of the Ripstick and Ripstick pods seems ready to revolutionize the way we vape, fulfilling nicotine cravings while offering a constantly fantastic experience for the users.

Using the strength of its 500mAh battery, the Ripstick and Ripstick pods combine to produce a highly practical vape pod gadget with substance as well as flair. It will also function as an indication for your pod's connection and the device's battery life, with a Riptide logo that lights up when you doodle on it.

Contents Of The Ripstick Starter Kit

  • 3 × Pre-filled Flavor Pods Ripstick Device
  • Charger for USB-C
  • User Guide

Features For The Ripstick Starter Kit

  • 500mAh battery installation
  • Wattage output that is stable
  • In it was a USB-C charging cord.
  • Pod connection as well as a battery indicator light
  • Draw is now active.
  • 3 x 1.4 ml capacity pods for a total of 4.2ml
  • Benzoic acid is not present.
  • 6 fantastic flavors
  • There are two nicotine levels (12mg/ml and 20mg/ml).
  • Pods that are removable
  • Packaging may differ.

What Is The Differences Between A Ripstick And A Vape Pod?

The RipStick is a shop that doesn't require any prior experience with temperature control or changing wattage modifications. It's less expensive, more attractive, and more useful than containers pods like Juul Pods or Vape Pods marketed in the UK. The 1.4ml pods may be pre-filled and then discarded after use.

The RipStick is a tiny and inconspicuous vape pod that's ideal for covert vaping. It's light and easy to grasp in the hand, measuring 93mm in length and only 23g. It's a lot smaller than a Juul Pod, which is usually a lot bigger. Ex-smokers, for example, may appreciate the presence of a puff counter.

The RipStick is a low-cost device that allows you to customize your electronic cigarette. At first, the many terms and icons on your smartphone may be incorrect or unclear. Because it's practical, the Rip Stick is impossible to defeat for a beginning gadget if you're looking for a low-cost option.

Is The Ripstick Easy To Use?

According about whether you chain vape or not, RipTide's RipStick may last anywhere from half a day to 24 hours. It might last up to a week on a single charge, dependent on how you use it. It doesn't have a screen, but the RipTide logo flashes blue when vaping begins (which is an automated draw) and red when the battery runs out.

In terms of use, it's extremely similar to smoking in terms of how you utilize it. The most surprising aspect of this gadget is how light it is. It's perfect for taking with you and vaping on the move. It's also quite simple to use. To activate this gadget, no buttons are required to be pressed. Simply inhale via the mouth tip and you're good to go. It has a smooth rubber feel that makes it easy to grasp. It's simple to remove the empty pod, which means you may switch flavors whenever you want without having to worry about running out of e-liquid. This is great for smokers who want to acclimatize to their new lifestyle in a comfortable manner. The RipStick is a USB-C charging device that works with any desktop or laptop computer. It's quick and simple to charge, but you can't do it while you're smoking. Chain vapers and heavy smokers should avoid the RipSticks. Because they're not designed to be used by heavy smokers, they're more of a personal decision for individuals who wish to use them.

How Does It Vape?

The RipStick is primarily an MTL device that is useful for switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Because Benzoic Acid isn't included in the NicTech design, it's a pleasant experience. The flavors are strong, with tropical and mint being the finest choices. It's not a really tight mouth-to-lung sensation, but it's also not a direct-to-lung experience.

RipTide's RipStick is an innovative product that provides the same nicotine punch without the dangers of smoking. The RipTide removes contaminants and has the same draw strength at 12mg/ml and 20mg/ML. The firm has been in operation for more than a century and aims to promote public awareness about the risks of smoking.

Ripstick Pre Filled Pods Benefits

  • Tobacco and Benzoic-Free Four Fruit Flavor Pod Options (Berry Crunch, Tropical, Blue Raspberry, Mango)
  • Bright Leaf Tobacco and Mint are two classic flavors.
  • Simple design, small size, and a charge that lasts a long time (500mAh battery)
  • Change your pods quickly and simply.

Ripstick Pods Have Some Drawbacks

  • While completely charged, there is no indication of the battery level.
  • It has Small USB cable.


The RipTide RipStick is an excellent choice for any new vaper looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping. If you're looking for a boost in terms of wattage, power, and vapour output. For frequent vapers, especially those who are new to the process and desire a high dose of nicotine like smoking.

Hopefully, this Review of the Riptide Ripstick Starter Kit will be helpful for our vapor consumers. Keep visiting our store this kit will be available soon in our store in the mean time we have lot of other better option of starter kits available for you.

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