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How to choose your first Vape, A beginner's guide

How to choose your first Vape, A beginner's guide

If you’re thinking to quit smoking, then there is a high chance you already have been thinking about vaping and looking for vape kits this means you should know how much choice is actually out there. A survey has discovered that 90% of people who start vaping have now quit smoking for good. Making the switch from smoking to vaping can feel intimidating. You might have heard few big names like Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit, popular e-liquid brands, different flavors, popular vape coils, and vape accessories but you have zero knowledge/information about the products.

There is a lot of information to take in as well as so much available in terms of choosing e-liquids, Shortfills and e-cigarette starter kits. We are the advocate of the idea that there is an ideal vape kit for everyone but there can be an element of trial and error especially when you’re a beginner. Even if you had tried vaping before and it didn’t quite work out for you, don’t worry, this guide will set you up on the right path.

What you look in a vape kit depends upon what is important to your vaping experience.


Let us introduce you to the things that will help you decide and analyze the factors you should keep in mind while choosing your first vape or upgrade the existing one.


  • If you’re a person who is out and about, moves a lot or can’t sit at one place then you might need a vape kit that have good battery life.
  • Ease of use is another important thing to keep in mind. You want to choose something that has least effect on your day-to day routine.
  • If you’re that kind of person who is into tech and gadgets, you might want to move to vape kit with settings you can adjust.
  • Size and shape are also something to think about. The bigger the battery life the larger and heavier is the vape.
  • Will you keeping your vape in pocket?
  • Do you need to travel with it often?
  • Is there a reason that your E-cig needs to be small

There are different types of vaping systems


So what are PODs? PODs are compact vapes. They are so tiny and handy that you can literally hold them between your two fingers and fit it in your pocket. They are uniquely designed with battery fit together for best vaping experience. POD vapes are basically mouth to lung use. Most of the pods are easy on pocket so that anybody can easily afford them. POD vapes have coils inside. In POD vapes you can change flavor or nicotine strength really quick by having them in separate Pods. If you have been vaping for a while but want to cut down the e-liquid usage, then POD vapes are the best suit for you.

SMOK RPM160 Pod Vape Kit , VooPoo Drag S Vape Pod Kit are few examples of POD kits


Open tank system

Open tank system is exactly what its name and comes in different sizes and shapes. They are more popular among vapers who are inclined towards complex systems. In open tank vaping you can choose different e-liquids and flavors of your own choice and pour them into the tank. You can lower your nicotine intake because open tank vaping allows you to choose the lower strength e-liquids. This vaping system is refillable which means you can use them in long term until and unless you want to replace it with new one. They are a little expensive than closed PODs but totally worth it and depends on the convenience and choice of a user.


Vaping pens

Vaping pens are another very easy to use vaping system. Like it sounds, they are very thin, and gives you the exact feeling of convenient smoking. The best thing about vaping pens is their unique pen like structure.


This is different from other vaping because its more complex and advanced. You can adjust the wattage, control temperature and batteries are also removable. Box mods are very battery efficient, and they also have the option of higher wattage which is good news for vapor chasers. You can also set themes, puff counter etc.

There are other types as well with multiple options. So now it’s up to you which vape you choose keeping in mind your personal convenience and preferences. For example, if you’re looking for refillable and best shape then you should go for VAPO pen. Or for best experience you should go for EGO CE4 Vape Pen Starter Kit Blister Kit, 1100mAh, Innokin Endura T18E Starter Kit, Voopoo drag  pod kit.

Also, If you need some expert advice or are unsure which e-cigarette to buy or can’t decide which e-cig starter kit fits you best, our customer service team is ready to help. We Stock Best e-liquids Brands, Wide Range of Flavors, Popular Vape CoilsPopular Tanks and Vape Accessories you cannot find anywhere else.


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