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Chasing the Flavour in Vaping

Chasing the Flavour in Vaping

There are numerous flavors to e-liquids: tobacco, fruit cocktails, menthol, soft drinks and decadent desserts. The taste plays an important part in your entire vaping experience. You can easily maximize your taste when vaporizing with just a few things in mind. But as we all know, there may be a point where only a personal taste is concerned. And it's subjective taste. We can draw some directions for chasing the flavour in vaping, but you and your taste buds are responsible for the rest.

Let's Begin With The E-Juice

You should look for PG e-liquids if you would like flavour (which you obviously do if you're reading this article). PG (Propylene Glycol, an odourless base) is more flavorful and provides a stronger throat hit. VG (Vegetable Glycerin, odourless base), on the other hand, produces more vapour and has a smoother vape. We believe that a 50/50 VG/PG ratio is ideal, which is why our store includes 50/50 VG/PG so that you can enjoy both flavor and vapour.

Just because PG has more flavor, doesn't mean the high VG juices don't have any. The Max VGs are all about great vapour manufacturing and a mild throat hit, but they're also a lot more complex, with multiple flavour layers and a great aftertaste.

How To Adjust Your Device For More Flavor

The e-juice portion is now complete. Let's take a look at how you can experiment with and adjust the settings on your vaping device to get more flavor out of your vape.

  1. Wattage And Temperature Control

One of the simplest ways to get more flavors out of your e-liquid is to change the settings.

At different temperatures, different flavors vaporize. Your settings and coil resistance will ultimately determine how hot your coil will be, so adjusting the temperature control will provide you with the desired flavor.

Consider This:

Your food will taste better if it is cooked at the appropriate temperatures. That's essentially what we're saying. You must experiment with your settings until you achieve the desired flavor.

The best way to do this is to begin with a lower setting and gradually increase it until you find your "sweet spot." Remember that different flavors vaporize differently, so one e-liquid may react better than another.

  1. Take Away The Vaper's Tongue

Vaper's tongue is a condition in which your taste buds become fatigued after a long period of vaping the same flavor. Similar flavors may also be difficult to enjoy.

To deal with this problem, make sure you switch flavors on a regular basis. Drink plenty of water, chew a lemon, or inhale the flavour of coffee beans. All of these things will help to cleanse your palate.

  1. Keep Your E-Liquid In A Cool, Dry Place

The way you store your e-liquid is important to preserving its flavor. Keep your bottles in a cool, dry place when you're not using them.

You should also limit the amount of time your e-liquids are exposed to open air and heat. Ensure that the cap is firmly attached. If an e-liquid bottle is only half full, you can transfer it to smaller bottles to avoid exposing it to too much air.

It's best to use a glass bottle for long-term storage. When plastic bottles are stored for an extended period of time, they can alter the flavor. To extend the life of your e-liquid, we recommend freezing or refrigerating it.

Cooling e-liquids makes them thicker, so bring it to room temperature before using. However, because both PG and VG have low freezing points, it will not freeze (except in cases of 80 percent VG content).

  1. Airflow Should Be Limited

Cloud chasers prefer high airflow because it aids in the release of large clouds of smoke. However, this would detract from the flavor.

Flavour chasers, on the other hand, should keep the airflow of their device to a minimum. You'll get a drier, warmer vape with a more concentrated flavor if you close off your airflow. With atomisers that have adjustable airflow systems, this will be simple.

If the airflow is too restricted, the vapour will become too hot. Start low and adjust until you find your sweet spot, just like you would with your device's temperature settings.

  1. Select The Appropriate Equipment

The right materials and components for your device can have a significant impact on flavor. Here's a rule of thumb to follow:

  • Atomizers

Bottom-coil atomisers produce significantly better flavor than top-coil atomisers. The wick will be under less pressure to get the flavor to the top this way.

  • Tank

The material used to construct your tank has an impact on the flavor. Plastic tanks, like bottle material, can diminish flavor quality, so you should use glass tanks instead.

  • Drip Tip

The drip tips on today's atomisers and tanks are much larger in diameter. This, on the other hand, will only result in airier vapes, cooler vapors, and larger cloud production. Look for a tank or atomizer with a smaller tip. Although it does not have the same dramatic effect as limiting airflow settings, it does make a difference.

  • Coil

As previously mentioned, a small-bore coil will help with flavor while also restricting airflow. A dual coil setup is also preferable to a single coil setup because it allows for more vapour production. More flavors comes from more vapour.

  1. Use E-Liquids With A Large Proportion Of PG

Remember when we talked about the difference between PG and VG? This is where it enters the picture. The flavor is influenced by the PG/VG ratio. A typical e-liquid bottle has a PG: VG ratio of 40:60. Larger clouds come from higher VG, but better flavor comes from higher PG.

Half and half is the ideal ratio. The throat hit can be a little harsher with a 50/50 ratio, so make sure you're okay with that. If you prefer, you can make the content more PG-rated.

Every vaper is unique. The goal is to keep testing until you figure out what ratio will give you the flavor you want.

Find Out What Makes Your E-Liquid Boat Float

As you can definitely understand, there are many different ways for chasing the flavour in vaping. However, to find a system that works for you and your vaping style keep adjusting your settings and selecting the right materials.

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