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Best E-liquids to Buy in the UK

Best E-liquids to Buy in the UK

E-liquid also known as e-juice or vape juice is the substance inserted into a vape pen which gives vapor its flavor and nicotine (if the vaper is using nicotine e-liquids). When the vape pen is in use, the battery will provide the energy to heat up the e-liquid, turning it into a smooth vapor when inhaled. Offering complete versatility, the best e-liquids allow vapers to experiment with e-liquid flavors in a choice of non-nicotine or nicotine strengths. The best e-liquids should be able to meet some of the health safety standards for various products. We will discuss the essential qualities of the best e-liquid as well.

The QuitterZ Mental Menthol10ml E-Liquid

This e-liquid is packed with complexity and contrasts. This Menthol e-liquid has blended sweet, juicy Menthol with refreshing fizzy Ice that has a summer-all-year-round feeling. Then to top it off, this menthol e-liquid added a dash of mint for a touch of chill. It’s no wonder this vape juice is one of our most popular. Ultra-hard-hitting menthol, with a blast of eucalyptus. This Menthol e-liquid is the signature e-liquid, hand-crafted by the master flavorist. Each expression is unique, but all are rich, luxuriously smooth, and underpinned by our unwavering attention to exquisite quality. It's one of the best menthol e-liquid in the UK high in Pg. QuitterZ Menthol 10 ml is the cheap menthol e-liquid 10 ml available in the UK. Menthol vape juice 10mg is widely available with a touch of other fruity flavors

Menthol 10ml Specifications

  • PG:70 VG:30
  • 10ml Bottle
  • Flavor Notes: Menthol, A dose of insanity (with loads more menthol)


 Blackcurrant E-liquid

 The best Blackcurrant E-liquid has a sweet and powerful aroma. Blackcurrant e-liquid is a simple yet sweet juice bursting with fresh blackcurrant berries. It has a natural taste which is perfect for those who love to vape fruity e-liquids all day long. On the first inhale expect a refreshing blast of summer berries, a classic flavor complemented by tart notes on the exhale. Blackcurrant e-liquid comes in varied ratios to suit vapers who love a sharp throat hit and those who are looking for a smoother, cloudier vape. Blackcurrant vape juices are often mixed with other fruity flavors to give a unique combination

 BlackCurrant E-liquid specifications

  • 0mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg nicotine strengths – 40VG/60PG
  • 3mg nicotine strength – 50VG/50PG


 QuitterZ Tobacco 10ml e-liquid

This tobacco e-liquid 10 ml is a classic take on original British tobacco, farmed in native lands. This 10ml e-liquid is the perfect combination of tobacco with a touch of sweetness.

When it comes to vaping and quitting smoking, tobacco is one of the main addictions everyone is trying to cure. Tobacco e-liquids play an important role in this. Flavored vape juices are much more fun than having a traditional cigarette because of the variety of flavors that you can experience in vape juice and you can adjust the amount of nicotine or have vape juice without nicotine. You can mix it with the best nic shots to enhance the flavor.

 QuitterZ tobacco 10ml e-liquid specifications

  • Nicotine strength 6mg, 12mg and 18 mg
  • 70 PG, 30 Vg
  • Tobacco with a sweet touch
  • 10ml bottle

 Nicotine shots

In Uk, you will find some of the best nicotine shots. Nicotine shots have their separate game. High Vg nicotine shots boost up the e-liquids by adding nicotine flavor to them. Nicotine shots 18mg bottles are widely available in the UK. You can also choose your favorite flavor in Nic shots as well

There are certain qualities that every best e-liquid should have.


1- The smell and the taste of the e-liquid

The best e-liquid should have the right smell and flavor. Pleasant aroma and taste indicate the e-liquid is okay and in the perfect condition to use. Therefore, the quality of the e-liquid can be determined by the smell. Some of the reasons which can lead to an unpleasant odor and taste of the e-liquid might be due to poor ratios during the mixing of the ingredients.


2- Flavor Used

 It is considered that a good e-liquid brand should use natural flavors more than using artificial flavors. Natural flavors are essential because they reduce the use of chemicals. The natural flavors are known to have better taste. Therefore the natural flavors enhance the taste of the e-liquid. Also in the process of mixing the juices, enough times should be allowed for proper steeping of the best flavors from the liquids.


3- Levels of Nicotine

Some vapor juices are known for having grade nicotine. The level of nicotine is fundamental in any e-juice. This is because high levels of nicotine are hazardous. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the levels of nicotine are not more than permitted


4- Ingredients

 The main ingredients used for making the a-juice are propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerin PG and VG respectively. These ingredients are known to be safe for human consumption. These ingredients are also widely used in making cosmetics and medicines. Therefore, the ingredients should be mixed at the right proportions to avoid the reaction of the other a-juice components and the PG and VG. Thus by ensuring correct ratios, you will have done your best to prevent ingredients reactions.

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