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Why vapers should prioritize pod system

Why vapers should prioritize pod system

Vaping world have quite revolutionized. A lot of new things have been added, a lot of new devices have been introduced.

Pod Systems have been a relatively new introduction to the vaping world and along with that the introduction of nicotine salts .Pod systems have been great mediums for nicotine delivery as well. Usually pod systems are very small in size, many pod systems are pen-style or fit neatly into the palm of the hand, which increase their portability over box mods. Box mods have been ruling the vaping world since long because of their own pretty obvious advantages, but along with these advantages, their heavy weight and necessary auxiliary equipment like spare batteries, juice bottles, and chargers have caused remarkable decline in their popularity with on-the-go vaper.

Pod Systems can be characterized and differentiated by the usage of a refillable pod over the battery, sums up the name. However, there are many pod systems that are small in size, use incorporated batteries, and have very small coils, which allows them to be used with nicotine salts in a very safe way. This portable and handy size is very attractive to many users who are sick and tired of the heavy weighted box mods and accessories that must go along with them especially if vaping is your all-day kind of thing. Pod Systems, when paired with nicotine salts deliver nicotine better than box mods and that credit goes to the molecular structure of nicotine salts.

Pod systems usually have integrated batteries. Sure, there are box mods that utilize integrated batteries as well, but their batteries tend to drain fast due to the pairing with a sub ohm tank, that requires much more power to fire the large coil. In addition to that when it comes to recharging an incorporated box mod, it takes much more time, which results the in longer downtime after the battery has been drained. Integrated or incorporated battery pod systems, on the other hand, takes maximum an hour for a full charge, and returns the ability to produce satisfying vapor within minutes as compared to an hour or more of recharge time. Some pod systems do utilize replaceable batteries, but usually require only a single battery that lasts the entire day, until and unless it’s in the hands of a frequent vaper. However, only a single replacement battery is required as compared to most box mods which require two extra batteries, significantly cutting down the weight of extra equipment that needs to be brought around.


Pod systems are the more convenient and versatile option in vaping world. With the ability to use both nicotine salts and freebase eJuice, pod systems are great for beginner vapers and people who use high amount of nicotine because the output is fluffy as compared to box mods and other vapes with sub-ohm tanks. Box mods on the other hand, cannot utilize nicotine salts as the larger coil will create big clouds of densely laden nicotine, in much higher concentrations, making the user feel nauseated or possibly throwing up due to the concentration of nicotine produced by them. This is the main reason nicotine salt concentrations start at 20mg and go up to 60mg, while freebase eliquid is usually found in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg concentrations.


These are highly catchy and enticing to those that are on-the-go or are beginners to vaping. Pod systems are usually sleek in construction and are not bulky or complex, which allows them to be intuitively used by those that do not have an intimate grasp of knowledge on vaping. Simply you have to load the refillable pod with eliquid and then let it settle like a sub-ohm tank’s coil, and you can start vaping.

You can now get pod devices to suit every style of vaping. You’ll find devices designed for ease of use, devices designed to replicate the experience of smoking and devices designed for cloud chasers. 

Some of the best pod systems that you can add up to you vape collection are listed below


Uwell caliburn pod

This is the open pod vaping system which is best for flavor. The Uwell Caliburn is a popular device and making it even better. The original Uwell Caliburn is the best pod system for flavor. 

The Caliburn retains the excellent flavor of the original and adds several improvements to it. You can now change the coils in this pod. The choice of coils and the dual airflow control system means you can get more vapors from this device. This device also comes with etched lines, which makes it easier to grip. 

The Uwell Caliburn is so easy to use, and several users reported it helped them to transition from smoking to vaping. 



SMOK NORD pod Cartridges features a neat design mouthpiece with a 3mL refillable ejuice capacity, smartly built with simple filling method to accommodate a wide range flavorful nicotine salt e-juice. Compatible with the SMOK NORD. It includes one empty cartridge with one (1) 0.6ohm Mesh Coil and one (1) 1.4ohm Regular Coil.


Suorin Air plus

The Air Plus from Suorin is a hugely more powerful device in the Air range with an improved 930mAh integrated battery and a 22W max output. With new and improved LED battery life indicator lights on the side and a USB-C quick charging port, you'll always know how much power you have left

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