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What To Do If Your New Vape Isn't Working

What To Do If Your New Vape Isn't Working

Having a new vape is always fascinating, whether it's your first step into the world of vaping or you're a true professional. However, you may not always get the right fit. After all, choosing the correct vape for you (especially as a newbie vaper) involves a lot of testing. The most frequent question is what to do if your new vape isn't working? We suggest you don't give up if you're not enjoying your vape - with so many multiple devices, e-liquids, and vape types to choose from, there's a vape for everyone!

There will be a few common problems with vapes that are simply resolved, but if your devices, e-liquids, or vaping equipment come broken or damaged in any way, please contact our customer care team. We have a no-questions-asked return policy to ensure that you're always vaping safely and having fun!

I’m Not Getting On With My Device

There are a number of reasons why you could be having difficulty with your vape device. If you don't like the shape, style, size, or look of your new vape, it's generally advisable to return it and try something. There are, obviously, a number of issues that you may resolve without actually finding a new vape. Continue reading to discover whether we can assist you in rapidly and easily resolving your problem!

Vapour Production Is Insufficient

Vaping is commonly associated with thick, puffy vapour clouds, especially among cloud chasers. If you're having trouble getting enough vapour out of your vape device, check the mouthpiece and airflow holes carefully. When you vape outside, the mouthpiece is likely to becoming blocked with dust and dirt, restricting the airflow and limiting the amount of vapour you can consume. It's also crucial to clean your vape mouthpiece on a regular basis from a hygiene standpoint, as it's the component of the device that gets in your mouth when you vape.

You might also consider switching to a higher-VG e-liquid, as these are known to create more vapor than high-PG liquids. If none of these works, you might want to upgrade to a more powerful device with longer battery life. More power leads to better heating, which equals more e-liquid vapor! We provide a variety of vape mods to help you get the most out of your cloud-chasing experience by combining power, style, usefulness, and simplicity.

Too Much Of A Throat Hit

It may be challenging for new vapers to acquire the right throat hit from an e-cigarette. The majority of the time, problems is caused by the e-liquid you use, rather than the device's size or weight. If you want a strong throat hit, you might be getting the wrong one.

If you're not happy with your PG e-liquid, you should try a higher PG juice. You should also verify the nicotine strength of your e-juice because it can alter the throat hit and feeling. For a heavier throat punch, try menthol, tobacco, or lemon flavors.

My Device Isn't Turning On

If your gadget isn't turning on, start with the basics! Check that your battery is turned on (some versions require three, five, or six clicks to ensure everything is operating properly) - you must see a light (if your device has one) that flashes when you switch the device on and off. You should also double-check the interconnection between your battery and tank if you have a vaporizer that can be detached and reconnected. Make sure your battery connection and tank end are free of fluff, dirt, and dust, then wash them off with a tissue, cotton bud, or alcohol wipe if necessary.

The Nicotine High Is Wrong

When you first start vaping, a pleasing nicotine hit is critical to ensuring that you not only have a positive experience, but that you stick with it and do not revert to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

My Cravings Aren't Satisfied By Vaping

Nicotine cravings are one of the most challenging aspects of quitting smoking, which is why vaping is such an efficient quitting aid, as it provides nicotine to the body in a similar manner to cigarettes. However, it's critical to get your attention correct if you want to make quitting smoking as simple as possible. If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day, try a higher nicotine dose. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine more slowly than cigarettes. If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, start with 0.6 percent strength or less e-cigarette nicotine. Try 1.8 percent if you smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes a week.

If you still desire to smoke after you've vaped, try a higher nicotine concentration. To get a stronger e-liquid or a more powerful rush from your vape, try nicotine salts or shortfill e-liquids. This also implies that you will feel compelled to utilize less in order to save money in the long term.

When I Vape, I Get Sick

If your vape, on the other hand, makes you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or otherwise sick, it's possible that your e-liquid is too strong! If this is the case, you should immediately cease using that e-liquid and switch to one with a lower nicotine content. This will make vaping more pleasant for you and ensuring that you don't go back to smoking!

When I Vape, My Throat Becomes Dry Or Painful

This is rather normal, especially among novice vapers, because you aren't used to the vaping sensation. This should go away when your body adjusts, but there are several things you can do in the meanwhile.

The simplest solution is to simply drink some water! High-PG beverages, in particular, have a reputation for making you thirsty or irritating your throat. You should be alright if you stay hydrated before and after you vape. If the problem persists, try a different e-liquid with a lower throat hit.

Contact WizVape For More Information

We hope this guide has solved some of your problems, but if you have any more issues with your new vape, please contact the Wiz Vape staff. Our crew is incredibly informed about our choice of high-quality vape products, and we're always searching for ways to improve your experience and ensure you get the ideal vape for you. We're pleased to assist you with whatever problem you're having!

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