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What Is A Vape Drip Tip And How To Use It?

What Is A Vape Drip Tip And How To Use It?

Vape drip tip

The drip tip is a less popular e-cigarette cartridge or cartomizer option. It's basically a reusable hollow tube that attaches to the atomizer and allows the consumer to drip e-liquid into it. This removes the need for cartridges while still offering a much more flavorful vaping experience.

Instead of using cartomizers, clearomizers, or cartridges, "dripping" means pouring e-liquid directly onto the e-cigarette atomizer. Intermediate and intermediate e-cig consumers who want a little more flavor from their e-liquids typically practice dripping.

Dripping is considered a nuisance by most beginners and casual vapers because you have to drip juice into the atomizer all the time to keep the wick moist.

How to use drip vaping

Dripping is a simple operation. Remove your drip tip, find the coil, and apply 2-4 drops of vape juice directly to the coil with your dropper. Replace your drip tip and take a draw. Repeat the dripping process after two or three hits and enjoy.

We'll go through a few points and best practices to help you get the hang of the technique as soon as possible.

1. Start with a vape juice with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) material. The higher the viscosity, the easier it is to practice dripping without causing too much runoff.

2. Expect to spend an hour or two honing your dripping technique. Ideally, you can do this at home at the end of the day, rather than in the midst of a hectic schedule.

3. Drip a small amount of vape juice at a time to avoid flooding the coil. This wastes juice and causes slight burns from "spit back," resulting in a bad overall hit.

4. Don't be too stingy about your e-liquid. If a dry hit happens, make sure to replace the drops on the coil as soon as possible. Trying to push your juice too far can result in a dry hit, which is a very unpleasant experience. You risk overheating your hardware, which will cost you more time and money than a few drops of e-liquid.

Types of Drip Tips

Most popular types of drip tips are listed below

1. 510 vs. 810

The 510 and 810 drip tip sizes are the two most popular drip tip sizes. 510 tips are narrow and 810s are wide, according to a basic rule of thumb. Each tip is designed to interact with the way a vape is inhaled, whether it's by mouth-to-lung or direct lung inhales. For several years, the 510 was the gold standard.

They're mainly used for mouth-to-lung and limited lung vaping nowadays. Some 510 drip tips will have a larger bore than others, but the majority have an outer diameter of about 8.5 mm at the base.

Most popular 510 drip tips are 510 Drip Tips Snake Version, 510 Rainbow Drip Tip and in 810 drip trips 810 Drip Tips Short Version, 810 Drip Tips Snake Version, 810 Rainbow Drip Tip and 810 Drip Tips are most popular.

2. Metal drip tips

Metal is the most popular drip tip material after plastic. Drip tips made of aluminum or stainless steel are inexpensive and long-lasting. Titanium or gold drip tips are available for vapers seeking a touch of luxury.

Many metal drip tips are attractive, but they also retain heat. For sub-ohm vapers, this can be a concern because drip tips can get really hot during chain vaping sessions.

3. Glass drip tips

Glass drip tips are a unique and artistic addition to your vape package, but they're impractical for obvious reasons: they're fragile and costly.

Glass drip tips, on the other hand, are heat resistant, offer a pleasant vaping experience, and some even argue that glass enhances the taste of their vape.

4. Stone drip tips

Many stone composites and stone resins are used to create artisan drip tips. These tips have a distinct appearance that makes virtually every vaping setup stand out. Stone tips can be extremely durable or even brittle, depending on the material and manufacturer.

However, they almost all have excellent heat resistance. Stone drip tips are more costly than metal and plastic drip tips, but some people believe their distinctive appearance is well worth the money

5. Plastic drip tips

A plastic drip tip is the way to go if you're the kind of vaper who wants to save money. They’re cheap, and they're easy to replace. Plastic, on the other hand, is not as heat resistant as other widely used materials.

As a result, when vaping at high production levels, you must be cautious.

6. Wood drip tips

Wood is the least popular material for drip tips. Wooden drip tips can be attractive and are excellent at resisting heat, but the finish must be carefully considered.

Since you can't vape without heat or moisture, a low-quality finish would expose the wood to heat and moisture, making these novelty products. Wood that is exposed to the elements will warp and lose its form.

It can also splinter if not properly cared for. A splinter of wood lodged between your teeth isn't ideal.

7. Hybrid material drip tips

In addition to the materials listed above, some businesses mix and match materials to achieve the best of both worlds

Glass's smooth lip-feel and heat resistance are combined with the looks and toughness of metal in this product.

Pros of Vape Drip

There are many compelling reasons to use a drip tip.

  • It's a little more difficult than traditional vaping, but it's a lot better.
  • Drip tips are also inexpensive when compared to an RDA, which can          easily cost upwards of $50, not including the cost of cotton.
  • When it comes to cotton, traditional RDAs require manual wicking, which is an ordeal in and of itself.
  • Drip tips are compatible with your atomizer's current coils, so simply replace them as required.
  • Using a drip tip adds a whole new dimension to the experience.
  • For starters, it significantly enhances the flavor of your e-liquid.
  • Cloud chasers will love these tiny accessories because it produces a lot of vapor.
  • Vape drip tips are also useful because they allow you to switch flavors easily.
  • Once the liquid in your coils has been vaped out, just drip in a new one and you're ready to go.
  • Although there might still be some flavor ghosting, it will be much less than what is left behind by using a normal tank.

Cons of Vape Drip

Vape drip tips aren't for everybody, so let's take a look at why they could annoy some people.

  • Drip tips, for starters, are inconvenient. Since they don't have a tank, you'll have to keep track of how much e-juice you're feeding them. This typically occurs after a few drags, and it can be aggravating.
  • A drip tip is not necessary for vapers who want long sessions and don't mind using the same flavor.
  • Drip tips can be messy, especially if you are new to vaping and haven't figured out the right e-liquid ratio for your coil.
  • On the other hand, if you don't drip enough, it's just as easy to fry a perfectly good coil.


Not only is it crucial to use the drip tip correctly in order to get the most out of your vaping experience, but it can also be a safety hazard if you don't. If you buy a cheap one made of cheap materials, the maker may not have taken into account the heat it will be exposed to, and you may end up burning your lips on it.

If done correctly and as a serious hobby, vaping can be a fantastic experience. Using the drip tip will boost the taste of your e-juice and give you more choices when it comes to trying new flavors.

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