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The Most Common Vape Tricks And How To Perform Them

The Most Common Vape Tricks And How To Perform Them

Remember the first time you saw a smoke trick. Maybe you're watching a movie, a video, or a friend was showing off. You are, without a doubt, astonished. Smoke stunts appear to be cool and tasty! And they've been around for a while. You've definitely seen some smokers experiment with them using cigarette smoke, but that weak form of smoke restricts their hype.

You can boast of something hefty and accomplish to work with while you vape. Vapor allows you to create spectacular and distinct vape tricks, providing yet another compelling incentive to quit smoking and embrace the new style. Over the last few years, the world of vaping has grown tremendously in popularity.

You may very well be familiar of some vaping myths and truths. Because  vapes are less hazardous than cigarettes, some vapers vape for enjoyment. They go above and above by performing unique stunts such as the dragon, vapor bubble, waterfall, blowing smoke rings (Os rings), double and triple smoke rings, bull rings, tornado, and French inhale, to name a few. Experienced vapers are constantly coming up with new tricks.

To perform the most common vape tricks, you must have a good vape mod or a sub-ohm tank, as it is impossible to perform any of the stated vape tricks with a normal e-cig.

Secondly, you must fine-tune the appliance to guarantee that it produces the optimum results.

Third, several of these tactics need you to inhale and exhale massive amounts of vapor; as a result, you must select the appropriate vape flavor, possibly one with a high VG level. Furthermore, inhaling too much nicotine causes dizziness, and then you can choose a zero-nicotine vape flavor.

Finally, avoid being in a windy location. Even a somewhat draughty environment isn't optimal for most of these vape methods. If appropriate, close the windows and turn off the fans.

Let us go over some of the most common vape tricks and how to perform them.

Beginner Level Tricks

1) The Ghost's

This technique, also known as the 'Snap Inhale' or the 'Mushroom Cloud,' entails exhaling a cloud of vapor before quickly sucking it back in. It is one of the simplest vaping tactics, so look no further if you are new to this. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Take a pull from your preferred vaporizing device and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.
  2. Expel the entire vapor from your mouth in a ball. At first, do this alone to gain a feel for how to brief exhale and ensuring it comes out in one short, round burst.
  • Inhale the entire vapor back into your mouth rapidly; you should notice a small 'ghost' of vapor as it is drawn back in.

As you can see, this is a fairly easy three-step trick that will not need much practice.

2) The Dragon

This is an extremely simple method to master, and before you realize it, you'll be vaping like a monster dragon every time! Essentially, this approach will cause your vapor to erupt in four distinct streams. Take your vape pen and start practicing, since this one will be over in no time.

  1. Take a deep pull on the vape pen, being careful not to totally inhale the smoke.
  2. Exhale firmly through your nose and simultaneously via both sides of your mouth.
  • And although the form of your lips may seem strange at first, this trick is quite simple. Because it is just so simple, you will be able to learn it fast, and you may decide to employ this tip in all of your future vaping adventures!

Intermediate Level Tricks

1) The French Inhale

Allows the vapor to sit in the mouth after the drag. Slowly open your mouth, then press your lower jaw forward, enabling the vapor to naturally exit your mouth. The novel component of this method is that the current vapor is inhaled continuously through the nose.

For the Bane half of the trick, use your teeth to impede the vapor path so that it emerges out in the form of narrow pipes, leaving you appearing like Bane (DC Villain).

2)  Blowing An O

If you've ever wondered how to do something, the steps below should help break it down and make it as simple as possible.

  1. Take a drag from your vape pen, being careful not to draw the vapor all the way into your lungs. Attempt to collect as much vapor as possible.
  2. The difficult aspect is getting your mouth into the proper shape to form the O. Make an O shape with your lips and make sure your tongue is flat at the base of your mouth.
  • Utilizing your throat, push the vapor out of your mouth. This appears to be tougher than it is; all you have to do is do a tiny cough, similar to a short sigh. It may require patience, but it is not too tough.

3)  Tornadoes

Inhale as much vapor as you possibly can; the more the merrier. Breathe the vapor out onto the table. Refer to the suggestions in step one to choose the best way to proceed.

  1. Separate your middle and ring fingers from the rest of your fingers and place only these on the table.
  2. Insert your hand into the smoke with all of your fingers together.
  • Drive your palm up vertically quickly to simulate the ascent and whirl of a vapor tornado.

4) The Vape Bend

To learn how to blow an O ring, see the third item on this list.

  1. Inhale the vapor into your mouth and hold it there for a few seconds.
  2. Blow an O ring with your hand cupped beside your mouth.
  • With your hand, direct the ring in the direction you want it to go. If you move too quickly or touch the actual vapor, you risk breaking the ring.

Advanced Level Tricks

1) The Bane Inhale

Once you've mastered it, you'll be able to impersonate Bane in a vapor replica of his mask.

  1. Inhale the vapor and store it in your cheeks, thickening it as much as practicable by moving it.
  2. Begin with a simple French inhale (see tip 2), carefully permitting the vapor to exit your mouth while inhaling through your nose.
  • As the vapor escapes, close your teeth, which should divide the smoke into many strands as it goes through your teeth, producing the effect of Bane's mask.

2) Blowing Triangles

Because your mouth cannot naturally form this shape, you must use your hand to make it work. But if you succeed, you'll be the wonder of all your friends.

  1. Draw a lengthy drag with your vape pen.
  2. Tap down (or up, depending on your preference) on the side of the ring twice in fast succession, bending the ring into a triangle form.

3) The Jellyfish

It's quite difficult. However, to begin practicing, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Inhale a large amount of vapor, enough to create two smoke rings.
  2. Blow a large O ring following the steps from tip 3, pushing the ring and slowing its velocity slightly.
  • Blow a smaller O and push it into the middle, making the two rings merge and spread out to form a jellyfish shape.
  1. Lean in and inhale everything left to add a little flair.

Concluding Words On The Best Vape Tricks

Vaping is an excellent way to get your cannabis fix because, thus far, it appears to be a little healthier than traditional smoking. However, as vaping becomes more popular, you'll need to learn more and more badass vape techniques  to impress your pals (no pun intended) and separate from the crowd.

Fortunately, if you master all of the aforementioned moves, you might just end up channeling your inner Super Saiyan. If you follow the step-by-step directions we provided above, you might even become the best vaper on the planet.

We hope you found this guide on the top of the most common vape tricks and how to perform them so, please focus on the principles, expand your skillset, and visit our store for high-quality products.

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