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How to keep your battery and coil safe

How to keep your battery and coil safe

One of the major concerning issues in all type of vapes is the safety of your equipment i-e battery and coils. People who have been doing this for quite some time now might have an idea how to protect their pods and keep them safe, but those of you who are just done with their last cigarette and looking for different type of vapes then the first thing should consider is battery and coil safety.

You might have come across different news of battery exploding in vaping which are not a lie but sometimes it makes other people assume that these kinds of accidents have everything to do with the vaping devices whereas the truth is that accidents occur only due to negligence in taking care and maintaining the battery and coils of vape

We assure you that with proper care and handling no such accidents will ever happen and there are very easy ways to maintain your battery and coils and keep yourself and people around you safe.


Taking care of the batteries

  • Battery Covers

Always use battery covers or any other holder suitable for your batteries to avoid any physical contact of pod batteries with each other or other metals


  • Dedicated Battery Charger

Just like your other gadgets, use a dedicated battery charger for your POD charging, as it makes the charging fast and efficient


  • Temperature control

Try your best to always keep your batteries on normal/room temperature because harsh temperature is extremely hazardous for the chemicals inside batteries. Keep your batteries from any fireplace and if you notice any kind of damage, stop using that.



  • Don’t over charge

For your battery safety keep an eye on your device while charging. While charging put your device somewhere that’s fireproof. When the battery is fully charged remove it from charging as soon as possible. Overnight charging is not recommended. Don’t wait for the battery to discharge completely, always charge before its dead. There is an option to extend your battery life by staying above 2.5v to avoid short circuit or exploding. Use batteries that have an amp limit of 20A or higher. It can be dangerous if you use other than these


  • Insert correctly


Always keep in mind and make sure that your batteries are properly inserted the correct way, so that it can protect them from venting. Even if your mod features reverse polarity protection, pay attention that the batteries don't go in backwards.

Innokin Endura T18E Battery is the one you can rely on. Also look for Nitecore i2 Intellicharger for best service.


 How to clean your coil

 Cleaning your coil is very important and complex process, and unfortunately vapers especially beginners don’t know much about it.

Usually replaceable coils have two types:

Coil heads for tanks:

These are encased in a small metal chamber that contain an absorbent wick.

Coils for rebuildable:

This requires the user to install the wick


These both coils have different structure and different jobs and very particular way of cleaning them. Once you know what type of coil is suitable for you, you follow the specific care routine for that coil

But some of the general tips to take care of your coil are as following:

  • Soak your coal in ethanol or vinegar, for some hours.
  • Rinse it by putting under the tap
  • Always blow water or air to the holes of your coil to get rid of remaining dirt and water
  • Make sure all water is evaporated before using it again
  • You’ll get an idea if your coil is slightly burnt because of the burnt taste, and you should change it asap because burnt coils produce hazardous chemicals
  • You should never dry burn your coils because wicks are mostly made of cotton, you must ensure that there is always some vape juice left in the wick.
  • Always reduce power settings
  • When choosing E-liquid, try to choose one with less sweetener
  • Always use temperature control.
  • Auto-priming technology works great.

 The best RPM Mesh coils

 One of the best RPM Mesh coils for regular vaping are the 0.4- and 0.6-ohm coils. 

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