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How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-liquid

How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-liquid

Experimenting with unique vape juice flavors and experiencing a nice taste with each puff is one of the most fun aspects of the vaping experience. It's one of the reasons why vaping is more enjoyable than smoking cigarettes, making it easier for smokers to stop. However, because most people are continuously seeking new flavors, it's doubtful that the first vape flavor you sample will be your last.

Vaping seems to be more satisfying when your taste buds are treated to great tastes and obtaining the most out of your juice is something that every vaper desires. However, some variables may result in your e-liquid not tasting as powerful as you had anticipated. This might be due to the e-liquid brand you picked or a problem with your device.  Moreover, How to get the Most out of your E-liquid? To help you get the most flavors out of your vape juice, we've compiled a list of things to try in order to get the most flavors out of each puff.

E-liquid Flavors

When purchasing an e-liquid, the first thing to consider is the kind of flavor you want and how strong you want the flavor profile to be. If you want light flavors, a drink with vanilla or creamy flavorings, for example, will give you with a light flavor. There are lots of fruit-flavored or minty choices to please your taste buds if you're searching for something bolder. These flavors will deliver a more intense flavor experience, and if you use a high resistance coil, you'll likely obtain a better flavor balance since high resistance coils generally don't produce as much flavor because they can't vaporize as much e-liquid at once.

The manner you enjoy vape liquid flavors will vary as your vaping style grows. To assist you stop smoking, you may start by picking a tobacco flavor that tastes like cigarettes; however, the more time do you spend vaping, the more likely you are to stray away from this and into various flavor profiles. As your experiment with new devices, like as a Sub-Ohm vaping device, which is commonly linked with experienced users, the kind and flavor of juice you purchase will vary as well. A Sub-Ohm vapes low resistance coil allows you to vaporize considerably more liquid than an increased resistance coil, resulting in much more flavor.

If you switch to a Sub-Ohm vape, your flavor preferences are likely to shift. If you've been using a strong flavor to achieve the greatest flavor profile from a high-resistance vape, you could discover that the taste is too intense while using a low-resistance vape. Finding the balance between a flavor you like and one that isn't too strong is crucial, especially for cloud chasers who will be breathing a lot of vapor. Vapers who love the taste of their vape juice but don't want to sacrifice cloud creation can choose fruity flavors like grape and cherry or refreshing cola.

WizVape offers the following flavors, among many more, in our selected collection of e-liquids:

     By Collection

     By Flavors

     By Brands

§  70/30 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids

§  Strawberry

§  Drip It

§  70/30 Shortfill E-Liquids

§  Tobacco

§  Ignite

§  80/20 Shortfill E-Liquids

§  Lemonade

§  Romance

§  50/50 Shortfill E-Liquids

§  Blueberry

§  Splashr

§  50/50 10ml E-Liquids

§  Menthol

§  Vape Lovers

§  High PG 10ml E-Liquids

§  Candy & Sweets

§  The Wonder

§  Nic Shots

§  Dessert & Bakery

§  Fision Liquids

§  Nicotine Salts

§  Fruits & Berries

§  Quitterz High PG

§  Guest E-Liquids

§  Drinks & Cocktails

§  Tasty Fruity


How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-liquid

If you've been vaping for a long so don't think like you're getting the same flavor hit you used to, or you're using a new e-liquid that isn't measuring up to expectations, there are adjustments you can make to your vape to improve you get more flavor out of it.

  • Check Your E-Liquids

Test the PG/VG ratio if you do not really think you're receiving much flavor from an e-liquid. If you’re e-liquid has a high or maximum VG content, that's probably why you're not getting as much flavor as you'd want. When you want large clouds and a light throat impact, VG e-liquids are ideal, but they're not as flavorful. Because PG is a significantly better flavor conduit than VG, you should search for a product with a 50 percent PG ratio if you want superior vape flavor. You'll notice a stronger throat hit, so your e-liquid may not be ideal for cloud following, and you'll need to vape at a higher temperature, but the flavor will surely increase.

For long-term vapers, a heavier e-liquid flavor may be required, or if you've grown attached to a specific flavor, you may need to spread out for a while to allow your taste buds to reset.

  • Change Your Coil

If your favorite e-liquid has lost its flavor or nothing seems to give you the same hit as before, it's better to change the coil.

People who vape frequently or use high VG e-liquids will need to change their coil and wick on a weekly basis, whilst less frequent vapers may be able to get away with replacing their coil once a month. A spent coil will give your vape a dry, heated flavor, may cause your e-cigarette to produce a gurgling sound, and may leak e-liquid into the battery unit.

Those who make their own coils and wicks should examine the materials they use as well. For vapers who desire more e-liquid flavor, Japanese organic cotton is proving to be a popular wick option, while some experienced vapers favor ceramic wicks. You also could find that testing with different coil materials helps - stainless steel, nickel, and titanium can all make a subtle difference to your vapes flavor.

  • Clean Your Kit

It may seem self-evident but keeping your kit clean can help you get the most out of your e-liquid flavors. Your e-liquid will taste much better if your coil, wick, or tank is clean and fresh.

It's simple to clean your tank, and it shouldn't take long. Simply disassemble your kit and clean the atomizer's glass component with warm water. Allow it to air dry or use a clean kitchen towel to assist it. If you utilize a drip tip, clean it to ensure there is no dust or old e-liquid on it.

Cleaning the battery connections with a clean cloth or a cotton tip can also assist maximize vapor production and hence improve flavor.

  • Improve Your Devices

It's possible that you'll need to improve your devices to get the most out of your vape.

A dual configuration, for example, will provide more flavor than a single coil. A plastic tank will not perform as well as a glass tank. Bottom-coil atomizers will provide a far better vaping experience than previous type top-coil atomizers, as well as adding to vape flavor. If you're a seasoned vaper, you might attempt sub-ohm vaping or construct your own rebuildable atomizer to increase your vaping experience and e-liquid flavor.


You may contact us with any queries you may if you're just getting going or an experienced vaper seeking to get more out of your vape juice to improve your vaping experience. Simply contact us at 07450981838 or send us an email at with your questions.

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