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How To Avoid Coil Gunk

How To Avoid Coil Gunk?

Finding black Vape Coil Gunk isn't something you’re gonna smile about. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a pleasant dessert vape flavor on a chilly day, just to seek out your coil is gunking up and harshing your hits. If you would like to understand how to avoid coil gunk, we’ve got your back. Maybe you’re just uninterested in gunking up your vape and need to understand the way to better maintain your vape coils.

What Is Coil Gunk?

Coil gunk is that the residual e-liquid that the coil doesn’t vaporize properly. Mainly it includes flavors, sweeteners, and other components of the e-liquid. It forms on the atomizer coil and these residual sections stick with the coil and with time they become thick and dark. Coil gunk discolors the wick also. Further, the crust layers become thicker and stops the vaper from experiencing the particular taste of the e-liquid they are using.

Although it’s possible in some cases to revive a touch of a coil’s original performance by cleaning the coil, the coil will nevermore perform like new. the sole real fix for coil gunk is to exchange the coil.

What Causes Coil Gunk?

There are several reasons behind coil gunk but the most important were.

  • E-Liquid Sweetener

Flavor plays a crucial role during a satisfactory vaping experience. Vapers like sweet e-juices like dessert and fruit flavors. Nowadays, coil gunk issues have increased significantly because mostly vapers prefer sweet e-liquids.

E-liquid sweeteners may make the liquid taste great, but they don’t exactly vaporize well. But if they don’t leave with the vapor, there’s just one other place they will go. The crystallized e-juice sweetener eventually joins the rest of your gunk, ruining the flavour and ultimately killing your coil.

  • Poorly Filtered Tobacco Extracts

Almost as long as vaping has been around, people have tried to make an e-liquid that captures the important flavor of tobacco. One method of doing that's by creating an extract from real tobacco leaves. Naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids — or NET e-liquids — don’t taste like actual cigarettes exactly, but they are doing capture many of the subtle complexities of tobacco during a way that traditional non-botanical flavors can’t.

Tobacco solids don’t vaporize, and that they can form coil crust very quickly. If you’re a lover of NET e-liquids and end up dealing frequently with coil gunk, you ought to consider trying a special e-liquid brand.

  • High-Wattage Vaping

Using bigger sub-ohm tanks at a high wattage also can be a reason for coil gunk. you'll get an equivalent burnt taste vape a couple of hours after changing your coil in your box mods due to a high wattage setting.

  • Max-VG E-Liquids

Comparing VG vs PG, many of us have noticed that VG-heavy e-liquids seem to gunk up coils more quickly than PG-heavy e-liquids. Although it wouldn’t be advisable to modify to an e-liquid with an excessively low percentage of VG if you employ a sub-ohm vaping device, you would possibly consider trying a 50/50 blend to ascertain if it extends the lifetime of your coils.

  • Chain vaping

Another reason for coil gunk is chain vaping. Vaping too frequently can cause damage to the wick, which ultimately leads to the formation of coil gunk. you'll spot frequent vaping if the vaper is using an RBA.

How to Avoid Coil Gunk?

Avoiding coil gunk means understanding what causes it within the first place. The great news is that the foremost common cause is fairly easy to avoid, and while there's always some risk of coil gunk, you'll minimize it with only small changes to your vaping habits.

  • Use e-liquids with no added sweeteners.
  • Use a vaping device or tank that generates less vapor. you'll got to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to compensate.
  • Switch to a lower VG e-liquid.
  • If you wish NET e-liquids, avoid any e-liquid with an “ashtray” taste that indicates an inadequate filtering process.
  • Reducing the power setting can reduce the risk of coil gunk.
  • Unflavored e-liquids reduces the coil gunk issues.


Following the recommendation of this post should assist you get more life out of your coils and can reduce gunk in most cases. But it isn’t perfect, and for all of your best efforts, your coils should get gunky.

There are only numerous times you'll clean a coil, and everybody likes a touch of sweet, darker e-juice from time to time. If your coil is gunky and nothing works, it's going to be time to rebuild your coil entirely or install a replacement atomizer head. It isn’t ideal, but if you're taking care over how you vape, it won’t happen often.

If you have any further query about how to avoid coil gunk you can visit our store or used FAQ to get help from our experts.

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