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The Best Menthol E-Liquid Guide

Best Menthol e-liquids to buy

It’s been a while now that menthol cigarettes are banned in the UK. So it’s the best time we thought it would be the best idea and a good time to give you an updated list of our best menthol e-liquids. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular menthol fan already or you are just picking up a vape for the very first time, there is the best menthol e-liquid flavor for you. Normally menthol e-cigarettes come with a diverse range of complimentary notes that are paired with everything from traditional tones of tobacco to exotic fruit or decadent desserts and other fruity flavors. Menthol lovers always prefer something of that flavor which calls the best menthol e-liquids

We’ve picked some of the best menthol e-liquids across the whole vaping world. Whether you’re a menthol lover, want to try something with fruit, or a sweeter option with a candy base, we’ve got something you’ll like. Refreshing, minty, or just straight-up cooling, these are the best menthol e-liquids and the best menthol e-cigarettes.


QuitterZ Menthol

Starting the list off, we’ve got a purely minty menthol offering. Big standard menthol with that wonderful QuitterZ quality .Plain and simple for the pure menthol enthusiasts. It’s not harsh on the throat. You can have the best menthol e-cigarette with the QuitterZ menthol e-liquid. This is one cheap menthol e-liquid that is perfect for menthol e-cig, this crisp menthol flavor is an ideal step into vaping - especially if you used to be a menthol cigarette smoker. Coming in a range of nicotine strengths, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Our customers are having a great experience with it.

Quitterz Menthol 10ml Eliquid


The Wonder Menthol Shortfill e-Liquid, 50/50 Vg/Pg

This is a tingling, arctic blast of strong menthol that produces the perfect throat hit and completely refreshes your taste buds. This menthol e-liquid adds a full refreshing taste and will give you the charge to go about your day like an arctic explorer. It is also one of the best menthol e-liquid in the UK. This is the best e-liquid for people who love to smell good


The Wonder Menthol 50ml Vape Juice

Ignite Menthol 100ml Shortfill e-Liquid 70/30 Vg/Pg

Ignite Menthol 100 ml e-liquid is a much-loved flavor from one of our bestselling brands- Ignite. This delicious menthol e-liquid vape combines crisp menthol with a cool and refreshing ice base note. Tropical, exotic, and just the right amount of sweet, the Iced version provides that minty coolness many vapers love. Just pop in your nic shot, mix thoroughly and you’re ready to vape.


Ignite Menthol 100ml Vape Juice


Romance Cherry Menthol e-liquid 10ml

Cherry mix with a wide variety of unique and bold flavors. Their menthol flavor Frost happens to be one of our best menthol e-liquids and also cheap menthol e-liquid. If you love a super icy feeling with a hint of sweet mint throughout, Romance Cherry Menthol is the one you need to try next. Sweet and almost floral notes of mint are complemented by a super icy blast of coolness on the exhale. This one caters to all vapers - pick up a shortfill or a 10ml bottle in a range of nicotine strengths.


Romance Cherry Menthol 10ml Vape Juice


QuitterZ Menthol Tobacco 10ml e-liquid High PG 70Pg 30Vg

A take on an American classic! Hitting just as hard as the red packet full-bred American brand, American Red aims to appease those with a love for tobacco and executes this much-loved American classic perfectly. Timeless tobacco flavor mixed with a suggestion of refreshing mint. If you’re a menthol fan but like something a little on the tobacco side, we think you’ll love Menthol Tobacco 10ml e-liquid high PG 70Pg 30Vg. A crispy tobacco base serves up that flavor just about everyone loves, mellowed by the cooler note of crisp peppermint.


Quitterz Menthol Tobacco 10ml

WIzvape is serving you with the best menthol e-liquid in the UK. Mentioned above are some of the cheapest Menthol e-liquids and some of them are the nicotine-free e-juices that you can enjoy if you’re nicotine sensitive. You can also look for some wholesale dealers of menthol e-liquid and now is the time when most of the menthol e-liquid sales are going on and you can get the best of them.

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