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3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only
3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only

Best Heizen E-liquids

What is Heizen E-liquid?

Heizen e-liquid is that the right mixture of fruit, blue raspberry and grape on the inhale with cool mint and candy on the exhale. Nowadays this flavor is most popular because it offers a variety of fruits flavors in one place and give a sensation of cooling when combine with mint flavors. Mostly customer also choose this flavor because there is variety of heizen e-liquids, shortfills and nic salts are available which provide mixture of two to three flavors so instead of buying one fruit flavor customer choose to buy heizen e-liquid so that they can enjoy these flavors taste in one e-liquid.

Heizen e-liquids are available in 50 percent VG blends all the way up to thicker 70 percent VG combinations, making them suitable for both larger vape machines and smaller plus ohm vape kits.

Top Heizen E-liquids

There are lot heizen e-liquids flavors and brand available on the market but one flavor that is on the top of all is

Vape Lovers Heizen 50ml Shortfill e-liquid 70/30

There are a lot of well-known e-liquids out there, but Heizen by Vape Lover is something completely different. Heizen by Vape Lover is a smoking legend, and for many people, it is the e-liquid that describes "all-day vape." The combination of mixed fruits and menthol creates a full-palate sensation that defies classification. As the heavy flavors of juicy fruits explode through the ice-cold kick, relax and enjoy. The fruit-to-menthol ratio is perfectly balanced, which is why vapers enjoy this juice all day.

The good news for the people who like this Heizen flavor is that this flavor is available at WizVape and we are offering this flavor in a very cheap rate from the market starting from only £6.00.

Other Heizen E-liquid Flavours and Brands

Other popular brands which are offering Heizen e-liquid are Romance, Drip it, Vape Lovers, ignite, IVG, and The Wonder. These brands are popular because they have a wide range of heizen flavours.

 Romance Heizen Flavors

· Romance Blue Crystal 10ml e-liquid 50/50

· Romance Quantum Blue Nic Salt 10ml

· Romance Heisen 50ml Shortfill e-liquid 70/30

Vape Lovers Heizen Flavors

· Vape Lovers Heizen 50ml Shortfill e-liquid 70/30

· Vape Lovers Quantum Blue Nicotine Salt 10ml

Drip it Heizen Flavors

· Drip it Blueberg 100ml Shortfill e-Liquid 70/30

ignite Heizen Flavors

· ignite Heizen 100ml Shortfill e-Liquid 70/30

IVG Heizen Flavors

· IVG Blueberg Burst 50ml Shortfill

The Wonder Heizen Flavors

· The Wonder Heizen Shortfill e Liquid, 50/50

Different bottle sizes in Heizen e-liquids

Every brand has its own bottle sizes and packing but the most popular bottle sizes that were used in the market for Heizen e-liquids are

Why buy from these brands?

Many people are confused as to why we buy from these brands when there are so many others to choose from. To this question, the answer is:

All these brands Heizen E-liquids comes in plastic bottles with industry-standard warning labels and safety details. Wizvape e-liquid bottles are fitted with childproof and obvious caps, together with a small plastic punch for simple, leak-free refills clearomizers.. Our mostly Heizen e-liquids is manufactured according to our exacting ISO9001 quality standards and delivered directly to you.

Also, all of our e-liquids packet contains

  • Plastic bottles filled with Heizen E-liquid
  • PG/VG e-liquid blend with premium Heizen flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (strength to order)
  • Child-resistant and tamper-evident bottle with a leak-proof filling tip
  • Can be used with any electronic cigarette or personal vaping product that has a refillable cartridge (PVD)

You can purchase all of these best heizen e-liquids at WizVape. If you need more information about any product, please contact us and one of our experts will assist you with all of the e-liquids.

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