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3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only
3 x 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids For £20 Only

The Best Vape For A Heavy Smoker

The National Health Service, Cancer Research UK, and the British Heart Foundation all encourage smokers to stop smoking for good. Due to the extreme thousands of chemicals in cigarettes, two spoons of sugar each cigarette, and a harmful drug like nicotine, quitting smoking is a difficult task. You'll feel these impacts more if you're a heavy smoker, which is defined as breathing 20 cigarettes or more every day.

E-cigarettes have been the most popular stop smoking method in the last generation. But which e-cigarette is the best for heavy smokers, and why? What are the requirements for quitting smoking for good and never looking back? Based on the requirements listed below, Wiz Vape explores which vape may have been the best for heavy smokers.

Best Vapes For A Heavy Smoker

  1. The Best Vaping Setup That Makes It Look Like A Cigarette

Heavy smokers frequently experiment with alternate methods of quitting, such as gum or patches. However, until, the feeling of holding a cigarette in your hand and placing it to your lips was difficult to duplicate. You get the same experience and nicotine cravings are controlled, but you can manage how much nicotine you inhale, gradually lowering it to zero. In many circumstances, a beginner vaper, especially a former heavy smoker, will prefer a vape pen with features, weight, and appearance similar to a cigarette.

  1. Internal Battery With A Life Span

Having just stated, the battery power of your vape is an important concern. The more you have, the less often you'll need to charge, which is always helpful when you're on the go! Vape pod and mod systems range in capacity from 300mAh to 3000mAh in some settings. This attractive box mod also has smart coil identification, a sliding top-fill slot for convenient e-liquid recharging batteries, and adjustable airflow. With a height of 86mm, the PockeX is small enough to fit in your pockets!

  1. Removable Battery That Can Be Changed Is Very Important

Electronic cigarettes use either an internal battery that cannot be removed and can be charged through USB or an external battery, which the Innokin T18 does. Either is great for vaping on the go; simply keep a spare on hand, remove it when it's empty, and replace it with a new one to resume vaping. There's no need to lug cords around or seek for a USB port because it's so simple.

  1. The Simplest Kit To Convert To A Heavy Smoker

For heavy smokers, the Smoke Stick V8 is an easy-to-use yet attractive pod kit. One of the primary causes in its popularity is its stylish design and small nature. It's an excellent approach to switch from smoking 20 or more cigarettes per day to vaping. The V8 Smok is an e-cigarette stick with a built-in coil that can be refilled. It's simple to fill and replace, with a magnet that holds it in place. It's also transparent, so you can see when you're running short. It has a 700mAh battery and a USB type-C port.

  1. To Reduce E-Liquid Spills, Use The Best No-Thrills Setup

When you first start vaping, it feels like you've entered a completely different universe than when you were smoking. There are so many options before you obtain the right hit of nicotine bliss. You want to prevent the worst-case scenario of a relapse, in which your mind and body crave a cigarette despite the known dangers. As a result, if you're a heavy smoker, it's a good idea to start with an e-cigarette to ease the transition and avoid temptation. A smoker isn't used to coils, voltage adjustments, battery changes, or even e-liquids.

The XEO Void is a simple way to top up your e-liquid. Simply unscrew the cap that houses the mouthpiece and fill the hole to no more than the maximum level. This durable vape with an ergonomic design is virtually leak-proof, making it suitable for heavier smokers who will need to add more frequently. Unless they utilize nic salts, you'll need to use the device more frequently.

  1. Option 1: Auto-Fire Or Option 2: Manual-Fire

The flexibility of vaping is something you don't get with smoking. You can modify the settings on a wide range of devices, not simply the amount of nicotine in your vape .For any heavy smoker, doing this and adjusting your experiences is a cultural difference at first. The Vinci 2 includes a large 1500mAh battery that will last you all day and a quick release airflow mechanism that will ensure you receive the perfect dose from your Vinci.

  1. The Best Nicotine Salt Vape

Formerly heavy smokers who need to duplicate a higher level of nicotine in their system are increasingly turning to nic salt e-liquids. This is due to its easier intake and faster absorption into the system, allowing for more efficient nicotine delivery. To receive the full benefit of nicotine salt over standard freebase nicotine, you'll need a low wattage device with a high resistance coil to handle the e-thinner liquid's form, which should have a ratio of at least 50PG/50VG but better a higher ratio of PG acting as the carrier. When you combine that with a large battery capacity, you've got the perfect combination for nic salt vaping.

The Smok Vape Pen22 Kit is a 1300mAh vape pen with five pre-programmed wattage levels and five safety features. With a top fill design, adjustable airflow, and a maximum output of 30W for minimalist vapours, it's simple to fill. The nice aspect is that it works with the entire Smok Nord coil line.

  1. The Most Efficient MTL And DTL Crossing Device

When it comes to being a vaper, everyone has a different aim in mind. It could be due to health concerns, the expense of smoking more than a pack a day, a desire to try something new, or all of the above for heavy smokers. When you first start vaping, simple starter kits are usually the best option, but if you get more adventurous and want to learn more about vaping that can rapidly change. A device like the Voopoo Drag X could be exactly what you're looking for.


It might be difficult to eliminate your smoking habit, especially if you are a heavy smoker who smokes a pack or more every day. By quitting tobacco from your health, you will be doing yourself a favor and will see the health benefits almost immediately. If done correctly, the next step of choosing the right device and pairing it with an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio, or better yet, nicotine salts, will go a long way toward lowering tobacco and nicotine in your body. Pure E-Liquids is here to help if you have any queries or would want to explore The Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker.

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