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  • julio 15, 2021 Saif Khan

    Best Pod Kits In Vaping

    Pod kits have been on the market for a while (first appearing in stores in 2017), but each year since then, we've seen more and more improvement from the companies that make them. When vaping first became popular, cig-a-likes were...

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  • julio 14, 2021 Saif Khan

    Best Starter Kits For Vaping

    The move from smoking to vaping should be the easiest decision any smoker can make. After all, vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, as Public Health England confirms. Include the fact that vaping helps ex-smokers not just satisfy their...

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  • julio 11, 2021 Saif Khan

    Chasing the Flavour in Vaping

    There are numerous flavors to e-liquids: tobacco, fruit cocktails, menthol, soft drinks and decadent desserts. The taste plays an important part in your entire vaping experience. You can easily maximize your taste when vaporizing with just a few things in...

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  • julio 6, 2021 Saif Khan

    How To Quit Smoking In 2021 - A Complete Guide?

    In 1964, per capita cigarette consumption in the United States was 4000 cigarettes per year. Since consumers realized that cigarettes were killing millions of people each year, and the non-smokers' rights movement began in the 1970s, tobacco consumption has been...

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  • julio 2, 2021 Saif Khan

    TRPR/TPD UK Regulations Explained

    The Tobacco & Related Products Regulations (TRPR) came into force in the United Kingdom on 20 May 2017. The UK version of the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), updated two years ago by the European Commission, is the TRPR. These restrictions...

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  • junio 21, 2021 Saif Khan

    Advancement Of Vaping And Its Technology

    With so much progress being made in the vaping industry, many investors and industrialists are considering investing in e-cigarettes, its leads to advancement of vaping technology more people are quitting smoking and switching to vaping. E-cigarettes contain precisely controlled nicotine...

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